SUNDAY EDITION: 'City Plan' gets PM approval | SA's food relief crisis | A-League Mega Guide

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PRIME Minister Scott Morrison says his government is still committed to striking a deal with South Australia that could transform the oRAH site in the state’s capital. If you cannot read this email please click here

PM throws support behind ‘city deal’

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison says his government is still committed to striking a deal with South Australia that could transform the oRAH site in the state’s capital. Read more

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One in 15 South Australians need food relief

AN additional 60,000 South Australians each month — 40,000 of them children — are going hungry compared to three years ago, the 2018 Foodbank Hunger Report released today reveals.

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Aldi’s blistering attack on rivals

EXCLUSIVE: Aldi has hit out at Coles and Woolworths in a new campaign, saying its loyalty programs are a waste of time.

Nurses vow to cancel surgeries after tribunal ruling

NURSES are vowing to cancel overnight elective surgeries from Thursday, after a resolution in the state’s employment tribunal approved their industrial action.

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Shock pics mark end of royal rift

THE official royal wedding pictures have been released, showing an extraordinary image of Princess Eugenie’s mother, Fergie.

Video of the Day

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull reportedly charged taxpayers $246,000 for social media and digital advertising in the last financial year. Fairfax reports the funds were spent on camp...

Video:  Malcolm Turnbull's social media spend tops $246,000



Quentin was a hero but he made me a coward

QUENTIN Kenihan could be pushy, often rude, seemingly ungrateful, manipulative and totally unflinching but he was also a remarkable human being, says Matthew Abraham.

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Late tram is finally on track

IT had a reputation as another of Adelaide’s never-ending, late and over-budget infrastructure builds, but now our tram users are happy.

Bereaved Labor MP urges pill testing

A LABOR frontbencher whose son was killed in an alcohol-fuelled assault has vowed to do everything she can to legalise pill testing at music festivals.

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Adelaide suburbs most popular with families

POCKETS, rather than strips, of Adelaide are emerging as hot spots for young families with access to schools and recreational facilities driving a surge in popularity in some suburbs.

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Nine’s failed mission to save co-host Karl

IN AN odd move, Nine tried to take the spotlight off Karl Stefanovic by sledging another star. But the move didn’t go to plan.

A-League mega preview: Where will your club finish?

ACCORDING to the bookies it’s a three-horse race for the 2018-19 A-League title with both Melbourne sides and Sydney FC favourites to win. But is it that simple? Our experts preview every ...

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Story behind Shiel’s Bombers bombshell

FIRST he breaks the news to the Hawks, Saints and Blues, then it’s time to dial the Bombers. Mark Robinson reveals the extraordinary machinations behind Dylan Shiel’s decision to pick Es...

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