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Issue 2, 2013: 4th February

News & comment on sustainable development

Health, care and wellbeing

As part of the National Adaptation Programme to address issues identified in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment, Defra is supporting projects to develop community resilience, particularly within vulnerable groups.

We explore other aspects of sustainable health, social care and wellbeing, including research on sustainable care, NICE guidance on increasing walking and cycling, and an interactive tool to visualise factors contributing to wellbeing. And as governments met for the 2012 UN climate talks in Doha, medical organisations around the world called for recognition of health as a central priority in climate policy.

Other news includes research on ecosystem payments, sustainable high rise homes, and innovation for sustainability in big business.

Nick Saltmarsh, Editor -

Social care and adaptation to climate change »

National Adaptation Programme: building climate change resilience in vulnerable groups »

Defra is supporting work to build resilient communities and reduce the impacts of climate change on the socially vulnerable, within NAP's health and wellbeing theme.

» From our archive: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

Working with mental health and substance misuse service users to reduce climate harm »

Equinox's innovative climate harm reduction project works with mental health and substance misuse service users to build resilience to climate change.

» From our archive: Adapting to tomorrow’s climate in health and social care

Carbon, cost and care: what makes a sustainable care home? »

An aging population means greater demand for residential care: can environmentally sustainable care services offer cost, health and wellbeing co-benefits?

Health and wellbeing »

An index for a better life »

OECD Better Life Index provides interactive tool to visualise and compare factors – like education and the environment – that contribute to well-being in OECD countries.

» From our archive: Measuring national well-being: first results, exploratory articles, interactive tool and map

Doha Declaration on Climate, Health and Wellbeing »

As countries met for the UN climate talks in Doha, health and medical organisations signed the Doha declaration on climate, health and wellbeing.

Walking and cycling for health, environmental and economic benefit »

New public health guidance from NICE on how and why to increase the level of walking and cycling in the UK for multiple, overlapping benefits.

UK Government news »

Energy news round-up »

Energy news from DECC: stimulating low-carbon growth, transforming energy use, Renewable Energy Roadmap, encouraging bioenergy innovation, local schemes.

National and local news »

Towering ambitions: bringing sustainable living to high rise homes »

The findings of Towering Ambitions, exploring the difficulties and opportunities for a transformation of high rise housing into sustainable homes.

Business news »

Green game-changers: insights for mainstreaming business innovation »

After 2011's review of small-scale innovation for a green economy, a new edition of WWF's Green Game-changers highlights examples of innovation for sustainability in big business.

» From our archive: Green game-changers: innovations to inspire business transformation

Research news »

Can payment for ecosystem services help safeguard the environment? »

The role of payment for ecosystem services in protecting the environment, by applying economic thinking and a market mechanism to natural resources.

» From our archive: UK National Ecosystem Assessment: the next phase

Climate change round-up: solutions, legislation, ice-sheets, shale gas, adaptation resource »

Recent publications on climate change: solution case studies, legislation in 33 countries, melting ice-sheets, impact of shale gas, online adaptation resource.

Events »

Online events from 2degrees in February »

Climate corps, leading by example, supply chain engagement, solar power, energy data for behaviour change, sustainability strategy, recycling engagement.

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