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FineArtViews Daily Newsletter | Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | Issue 1009
 • Technical Support  (Carolyn Henderson)
 • Irrigating the Fields of Art (Keith Bond), Revisited
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Technical Support
by Carolyn Henderson
Dear ,
This article is by Carolyn Henderson, the managing half of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She is a Regular contributing writer for FineArtViews and her  freelance writing appears in regional newspapers, online magazines, and her humor blog, Middle-Aged Plague.
I don’t mean to sound like a laundry detergent commercial, but if you have a website through FASO (Fine Art Studio Online) and you haven’t discovered technical support, then you don’t know what you’re missing.
My latest project was adding a Facebook “Like” button to the left column bar of each page, just below the Norwegian Artist’s rugged handsomeness, and my initial attempts at doing it myself were dislikable indeed.
So I did what I should have done in the first place – contacted technical support and asked them how to do this. Within two hours I had my answer, clearly elucidated and laid out in step by step format – like a recipe – and five minutes later my Like button was in place and working (Try it – “Like” us).
Technical support has been there from the moment we set up our site, and through the years we have chatted back and forth about making customized changes to the website, creating a hyperlink to a PDF file, setting up a newsletter template and learning how to use it, incorporating gallery logos onto our Representation page, and on and on and on.
Before you stop reading this and generate your own message to technical support, allow me to point out the Frequently Asked Questions section that shows up as list item number 4 when you hit Contact Technical Support in your Control Panel. It’s worth grabbing a cup of tea and a cookie and sitting down to read through this; like messages from the tech support staff, it’s written in basic English for the average human being.
And while you’re looking at that initial list, check out Ask the FASO Community Forum! highlighted and in extra large text to gently prod you into clicking the link. It’s fun reading the various questions and comments from fellow member artists, and it’s possible to learn things that you didn’t know you needed to know.
(Actually, it’s amazing how many things I need to know that I don’t.)
You have the choice of calling technical support and talking to a live human being, or you can e-mail, my preferred method of communication. If you choose to e-mail and don’t understand something about the answer, or have additional questions on the matter, don’t hit the Reply button on your e-mail. Won’t do it.
Instead, go back to the Contact Technical Support page and look at the top where it says Current Open Tickets. Under Subject should be a description of your latest communication; in my case it says Adding a Like Button. To the far right is a hyperlink that says View Ticket/Add Comment. Clicking on this re-opens your ticket with your initial question and the answer you were sent; at the bottom of the page is a button allowing you to Ask Another Question or Comment.
Press this, and ask your question.
If all this sounds painfully obvious, s’okay, but we all have to start somewhere, and the somewhere I started was far over the rainbow and nowhere near anything to do with HTML, software creation, or website design – which is why we signed up with FASO in the first place. The Norwegian wanted to paint; the Pole wanted to write; and we were ecstatic to discover that some other overachiever had already created the particular wheel that we needed.
Get the most out of your FASO website experience. Experiment, press buttons, play with your control panel, read the FAQs, join in on the online forum, and before you run screaming from the room, ask technical support.
In today’s business climate where so many aspects disappoint, it is a magnificent discovery to find something that works, and works well.
Editor's Note:

If you're looking for a website that takes care of things like this for you, you should be looking into a FASO Artist Website. They have fully integrated blogs (with the Facebook like feature), tools to create, send, and manage email newsletters, Positively Remarkable Support Staff, and a multitude of other features to help you market your art. To sign up for a free, no obligation trial, go to


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This article is reproduced with permission.

Copyright 2011 - Carolyn Henderson


Carolyn is manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art.


Learn more about Carolyn and Steve at:


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Irrigating the Fields of Art (Keith Bond), Revisited
Here are the first five comments regarding yesterday's article:
Carol Schmauder
As always, great advice, Keith. Although I have sold art along the way for 20 years, I always had to work and would have starved to death if I counted on income from my art. I am thankful to be retired now and able to put more focus on my art, but sales are always up and down. I am thankful I have prints and cards of my work to tide me over between sales of originals and I am equally thankful I don't have to rely on my art work to provide the groceries!
Sharon Weaver
With art the income is unpredictable income so the more sources the better. I recently was asked to do a demo at a local art group and am going to contact other clubs to see if I can expand on this new source of exposure and income. The group liked my demo so much they asked me to judge an upcoming show so now I will also be able to add judge to my resume. Great idea to include new venues to the mix and find new ways to get my name out there.
Marsha Hamby Savage
I have always believed in diversification ... when sales are slow, workshops or demonstrations can take up the slack. That is of course, if you enjoy talking! I also love the idea of notecards and maybe small studies for sale at a lower price point.
I was just contacted about a bachelorette party and about a fun "painting event" for the party attendees. I'm looking into that. I have also given a surprise lesson ... "a painting day with a teacher" ... that was a gift from husband to his wife.
At this time, rather than renting a studio to teach weekly classes, I am holding "open studio" sessions twice a week at my home studio. These are for students to drop in ... they have been given the dates ... on any of the dates listed. I will be here, no excuses. Guarantees me two days in the studio from morning to dinner time with no interruptions from hubby or family. I paint along with the students, but am available for questions and guidance. This is really more like a mentoring session than a class. The studnets are enjoying it. I have several new (to me) students, besides some of my previous students. It is working quite well. They pay me to be in the studio, and you can't beat that!
Ideas that maybe others can use for a fun way to make a little extra income.
Esther J. Williams
Keith, I am signing up for a Zazzle account right now. I am going to see if this generates some print, t-shirt, poster, income. I am not getting my hopes up too much. They have thousands of artists on there.
I really like to just paint originals and sell them. I do my irrigation by going out and painting in public areas where people will buy the art I am creating.
I recently offered to do my first workshop back in New York next year at an old farmhouse. I am preparing for that by writing up a storm on what I will teach.
I signed up for not too long ago to offer prints. There is another website that you can sell originals and offer prints called I have sold a few paintings and giclees on there.
One last bit of seed planting I have done is invited anyone I meet while painting on location to come to my home studio to see my larger works of art and many more smaller pieces that they can see.
Back to farming now.
Patricia J Finley
What an excellent analogy! This is one that will stay with me as I charge forward in the art world! In case of drought, irrigate!
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Technical Support
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