The 5 Real Reasons You Procrastinate

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The 5 Real Reasons You Procrastinate
It seems most Americans struggle with procrastination at least occasionally. A simple Google search will yield many promising solutions, and yet we still seem to be wasting time and regretting it. Why??
A Surprising, Common Impediment
to Happiness

In a sample of people surveyed, one of the habits that makes the most powerful contribution to happiness was practiced the least.
How to Instantly Relieve Anxiety
After doing this simple thing, what you're worrying about may come into view as just a little blip.
Are You Being Taken Advantage Of?
In reality, many people have lost their ability to tell when they’re giving too much.
Entertaining Yourself as a Strategy for Dealing with Narcissists
It's taxing to cope with a difficult personality.  Here's how you can at least make yourself laugh during the drama.
News & Views
Happiness on the Decline for Adults
Adults over the age of 30 are not as happy as they used to be, but teens and young adults are happier than ever. Find out what our current culture is lacking for mature adults.
21st Century Marriages Not What They Used to Be
The institution of marriage has changed, reflecting women’s educational attainment, earnings potential and involvement in the workforce.
Study Finds Religious Kids Are More Selfish
Children of religious parents may be less empathetic and sensitive than other kids.
Program Can Help Teens Build Better
Mind & Body

An innovative high school health program teaches students to respond to their feelings in a way that promotes health.
Why Do People Go to Work When
They're Sick?

A new study sheds light on both the pros and cons of "presenteeism" at work.
Brain Imaging Identifies Depression Biomarker in Traumatic Brain Injury
About half of those who experience a traumatic brain injury will also experience depression within a year.
World of Psychology
How to Keep Calm and Carry On During the Holidays
There’s no denying that, despite the holidays being a special time to reconnect with family and friends, heightened expectations may lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness and exhaustion.
6 Tips to Stop Being a People-Pleaser
Has anyone ever accused you of being a people-pleaser at work?
Borderline Personality Disorder:
Facts vs Myths

BPD is a complex condition, but with appropriate treatment most people will show improvement within a year.
5 Reasons Your Fear of Change Is a
Waste of Time

If you have allowed fear to dictate your life, start by forgiving yourself.
3 Challenges Unique to Women with ADHD
As a woman with ADHD, you can successfully navigate life's challenges... and the key isn’t to "work harder."
Using Imagery to Find Peace after a Breakup
Imagery is a powerful tool. It can induce relaxation, decrease your stress, and help you heal.
Best of our Blogs
7 Keys to Handling the Holiday Blues
(Psychoanalysis Now) – It is common for many adults to become depressed at this time of the year. Here are seven suggestions to help you get through the holidays and avoid the blues.
What Is the Opposite of Loneliness?
(Single at Heart) - We don’t (yet) have a word for it.
How to Stop Spoiling Your Kids
(Bonding Time) – If you want to produce a kid who’s hard-working, grateful, and gracious, where do you start (and what do you stop)?
2 Little-Known Reading Tips
(Always Learning) – These two tips will help you read faster and better retain what you’ve read.
6 Simple Solutions to Cure Your Procrastination
(Happily Imperfect) – When you identify what’s causing your procrastination, it’s easier to find the right solution.
5 Things Mentally Strong People Do Differently
(Leveraging Adversity) – They spend their energy wisely and have a positive relationship with challenges. See what else they do!
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