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The CAD Times

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The CAD Times

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Issue #26, October 2011

This Month's AutoCAD Tips

Freelance CAD Work

If you are a CAD designer or draftsperson, there are several ways that you can tap into the growing freelance CAD job market, and I'm going to show you the "how-to" to get the ball rolling. Continue to the rest of the article...


How to Create Your Own CAD Website

This is a continuation from the article above that explains how you can create a website to showcase your drawings and skills to attract potential clients.  Click here to read the full article...


AutoCAD Student Edition

The AutoCAD student edition software program is a free download for students, teachers and previously employed CAD operators from the AEC field.  Check out how to get it for free...


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XREF Transparency

Q. I am just starting to use AutoCAD 2011 after spending years using 2006. When I insert an XREF into my model space it shows up "grayed out". I am not doing anything different from the commands used in 2006... This would appear to be a new feature of 2011.  Is there a way to turn this on/off or adjust for the degree in which it is "grayed out"?

A. Click here to read the answer and submit your own comments...


Freezing VS. Turning Off Layers

Q. What is the difference between freezing a layer and turning it off?  Is there a benefit in using one rather than the other?

A. Click here to read the answer and submit your own comments...



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