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The DeerLake Weekly Letter

DeerLake Weekly Letter, Small Town, Big Band

Posted: 04 Mar 2016 08:13 PM PST

   Welcome to all the new folks trying out our weekly letter. Becca and I are glad you stopped by for some fun and inspirational messages. So pour-up your favorite brew and lets see if we can bring you smile.

  There is an endearing story about how optimistic people look at situations differently - - seeing the potential that others fail to realize.

  It goes something like this.... Two researchers were independently dispatched to one of the world's least developed countries by a large shoe manufacturer. Their task was to assess the business possibilities within that country.
When the first report came back to the headquarters, the message read "No market here. Nobody wears shoes!"
A few days late the second report came back from the other researcher. It read "Great market here. Nobody wears shoes!"

  One of the perks of living in the great state of Montana, is the chance encounter with the native wildlife. Wednesday, as Steven was out doing the evening chores, a herd of elk came by for a visit. It was hard to count them all through the trees, I'm guessing around 15, with two bull elk in the bunch. Elk are a pretty large animals, not that you can tell by just watching them passing by, but as they stand next to our 5 foot fence we could clearly the size of the majestic animals. That elk put her head right over the 5 foot fence.
They took their time passing through as they sampled from every bush and tree within their reach. As they made it to the far end of the property, the neighbors dogs turned them around and back they came. We had enough time to shoot quite a bit of video.

  Becca's class project for the next few weeks is to create a music video. Yep that's right, just like M-TV. I cannot believe how difficult it is to match up the video to the words. One of the main features is to have someone lip sync. Easier said than done, she is having a hard time finding someone to act in her video. I guess Steven will have to be the main actor, anything for my honey. We do have a few videos when the granddaughters were younger, maybe she can get one of those to be part of the video.

New poem by our old friend Tamara Hillman.
Going home in my mind.


Urban folks might argue,
we country folks are strange,
but when you’re from a small town
way out here on the range…


She was in her mid-seventies, and knockout beautiful.
Her skirts swirled and her sequined shoes flashed as Charlie masterfully led her about the ballroom floor.


SpringTime poem by Kenneth Ellison.
Each spring I feel shiny new as the land is renewed
When gloomy day's are gone and skies have blued,


Recipes Below

Becca's Vegetable Nacho Recipe.


Steven's Herman Applesauce Cake Recipe.


Thought for Today -

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?


Enjoying every springtime moment, Steven and Becca

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