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Alerted by the commotion a group of ordinary workers — IT managers, traffic controllers and fireys — showed extraordinary bravery to tackle a deranged man wielding a bloody knife in the heart of the city on Tuesday.
Ben EnglishDaily Telegraph Editor@bennyglish

This was a week when Sydney faced tragedy and when Sydney responded with heroism.

It was a week when a young woman, 24-year-old Michaela Dunn, was found dead and another woman brutally wounded following a knife rampage in the central business district.

Yet even as those atrocities awaited police reactions and emergency medical attention, Sydney on Tuesday stood up and dealt with a rapidly-developing crisis.

It takes mighty courage to confront a bloodstained man wielding a large knife and screaming of death. It takes courage to gather whatever weapons may be available — chairs, a crowbar, a milk crate — and to use them with astonishing effectiveness in a CBD showdown.

Footage of Tuesday’s outrage showed Sydney’s citizens at their finest. Office workers, firemen, ambulance officers and passers-by came together as one to neutralise an obvious continuing threat.

Tuesday also brought into sharp focus the values of The Daily Telegraph. Where some news outlets shied away from revealing the full details as they emerged, The Daily Telegraph delivered clear and precise information minute by minute.

That is our mission. We present the facts, confident our readers will from that point draw their own considered conclusions.

Our wish at The Daily Telegraph is that we never have to report a similar atrocity. Yet our vow is to always cover the complete story, no matter how deeply and painfully wrenching it may be.

And our thoughts are with the family and friends of Michaela Dunn, may she forever rest in peace.

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