The Hollyburn Lodge Restaurant and the Crazy Raven Restaurant are open for the summer!

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Both the Hollyburn Lodge Restaurant and the Crazy Raven Restaurant are open for the summer

The Hollyburn
Lodge Restaurant in our Nordic Area is OPEN Wednesday to Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.

The Crazy Raven Restaurant in our Downhill Area is OPEN Wednesday to
Sunday from 11 am to 5:30 pm.

More on the Hollyburn Lodge first summer

“We are exciting to be able to utilize the Hollyburn Lodge in the
Summer Season. We are hoping it’s going to be a popular spot for a cold brew and lunch after a hike.  Our New Summer Kids Camps will bring
new life to a special and historic area on Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains.” Joffrey Koeman,
Director of Sales & Marketing, Cypress Mountain.

The Hollyburn Lodge is a unique and cherished West
Vancouver landmark. The lodge sits on the western shore of First Lake and is connected to a network of ski and hiking trails that wind through the
hemlock, cedar and fir forests of Hollyburn Ridge.

In 2015 the Hollyburn Renewal Project in partnership with BC Parks, West Vancouver District, Hollyburn Heritage Society and
the Hollyburn Ridge Association formed with the goal of building a new Hollyburn Lodge with the same look and feel of the previous lodge that had been
used since 1926. The official opening of the renewed Hollyburn Lodge on Sunday, January 15, 2017, on the 90th anniversary of the original lodges
official opening. This summer will be the first time the building has been open for summer.

 “Our greatest compliment is when hikers
say “I thought this lodge was going to be rebuilt!”  True testament that we have created a convincing replica, built for the next 100
years. Now we look forward to building summer traditions for the first time, and to creating lots of usage opportunities that we never had as a winter
only lodge.” Jackie Swanson, Past President of the Hollyburn Ridge

Information on our new summer kids camps -

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