The latest Risk and BCM News from BSI - August 2015

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Risk and BCM Newsletter
August 2015

Introducing our new standard BS 16000 - Security management - Strategic and operational guidelines 

Our new standard BS 16000, is a generic and high-level guidance standard which clarifies the vocabulary and lays out the basic principles of security management. The standard shows how security can be embedded in your organization, including guidance on: 

Developing a security framework risk assessment
Understanding your organization’s context
Implementing and monitoring the security programme

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BS 76000 - Human resource - Valuing people - Management system - Requirements and guidance

BS 76000 is the first national standard to recognize the importance of valuing people in an organization.

The standard is based on the premise that people are an organization’s biggest asset and should be treated as such – so the organization gets the most out of them and they get the most out of their working life. BS 76000 is a principles-based management system standard which provides a framework to develop a more equal and sustainable relationship between organizations and people who work for them.

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BS 11200:2014 Crisis management - Guidance and good practice

Have the confidence to respond to crisis situations in a manner that protects your assets and improves practices through time. BS 11200:2014 Crisis management - Guidance and good practice
sets out good practice for the provision of an effective crisis management response. 

The standard aims to help you: 

Understand the context and challenges of crisis management
Develop crisis management planning and training
Recognize the complexities facing a crisis team in action
Communicate successfully during a crisis

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It's not too late to get ISO 9001 Advanced Access

There is still time to get early sight of the revised ISO 9001 standard through Advanced Access. 

Advanced Access will provide you with: 

Access to the final draft standard
Guaranteed delivery of the final standard as soon as it’s published

Be a step ahead of everyone else and get ISO 9001 Advanced Access today.


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Events 2015
ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Launch Conference
6 and 7 October 2015
The ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Launch Conference will explore key concepts, discuss changes in requirements and help you understand what impact these have in practical terms through interactive sessions.
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Cyber Security Conference
8 October 2015

The Cyber Security Conference aims to bring
you the latest information on the trends and issues that Information and Cyber
Security professionals face and what should be done to overcome these

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Make your budget go further with standards online

 gives you the power to create a collection of standards relevant to your business. You can now purchase newly added content from ASTM and ISO, adding 18,000 international standards to the current 72,000 British and adopted European and international standards already available. 
We have a BSOL package to suit your needs, call +44 845 086 9001.
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