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Corporate, Funds and Family office

June 2017

Investment Funds



New Securitisation

Platform, case Study
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The Wealth Protection

Plan, discover the news

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The SLP is a flexible

solution for co-investment
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The Special Limited Partnership (SLP) is flexible and a fast solution for Co-Investment...


The SLP is a new vehicle for any type of Alternative Investment strategies. It is a form of company which can be incorporated under Luxembourg laws with one General Partner (GP) and one Limited Partner (LP-investor), with many advantages for co-investment, Partnerships, holding alternative investment assets, etc. 


It is tax transparent : no tax will be applicable at the SLP's level nor at the Limited Partner's level.


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NEW: Luxembourg proposes a flexible vehicle, the Special Limited Partnership (SLP), which can be used as a Family Trust.

Request our Creavision on this NEW subject.



New Securitisation Platform in Luxembourg, case Study for promoters


A securitisation SPV can securitise any types of risks linked underlying assets : receivables, loans, funds shares, even collectibles, risks linked with third party’s activity, derivatives, etc…

The Securitisation platform is based in Luxembourg, issues certificates which yield and value are linked with the assets.


The securities are issued by private placement, with a value above 125,000 EUR, and is not regulated by the CSSF.


See how to use the Securitisation Platform to raise capital via Luxembourg.

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The Wealth Protection Plan

Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) use Luxembourg to protect and structure their assets.


Few have put in place an organised structure, a proper retirement plan, a dedicated inheritance program to insure the continuity of their affairs, their businesses and incomes for the next generation.


Who can benefit?

Although all High Net Worth Individuals anf Family Offices can benefit from arranging a Wealth Protection Plan from Luxembourg, there are some groups that may derive especial benefit. These include:

Family business owners or shareholders

Broad spectrum investors

Those with high value personal investments

Private equity investors

Those with third party financial responsabilities (for example: families or charities)


NEW: a package of services called the Wealth Protection Plan at the destination of UHNWI and Family Office is available for those wishing to be helped in the set-up of such a plan of succession.


Read here how to put it in place


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