The Surprising Benefits of Healthy Narcissism

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The Surprising Benefits of Healthy Narcissism
It is difficult to imagine that narcissism could be healthy at all, but it can. It just depends on where on the spectrum it falls...
How to Buy Prescription Drugs Online - Safely!
A recent survey of 10,000+ online pharmacies found that only 4% were operating in compliance with existing laws.
10 Common Myths About Mental Illness
Mental health issues are not caused rigidly by “bad” genes or a chemical imbalance. What other myths are you falling for?
Thinking About Getting Treatment Online?
There's one important question to ask if you plan to use an online treatment program for your mental illness.
How to Live with a Perfectionist
Perfectionism doesn’t have to ruin your relationship.
News & Views
Increase in Child Abuse Linked to Soldiers' Deployments
Children under the age of two may be at a heightened risk for abuse and neglect during the six months immediately following a parent’s return from deployment in the U.S. Army, according to a new study.
What Happens in Your Brain When You
Look at Art?

An innovative study analyzed brain activity data collected from people as they viewed an art exhibit.
Bullies & Victims at Risk for Eating Disorders
Researchers weren't surprised to find that victims were at increased risk for eating disorders... but the bullies themselves were a surprise.
Mom’s Age at Birth May Impact Daughter’s Depressive Symptoms
Daughters of moms who are 30 and older when giving birth are more likely to experience symptoms of depression as young adults.
Tweets Convey Psychological Experience of Typical Day
A review of 140 social media characters can provide surprisingly accurate insights into someone’s life.
A New Way to Addiction Recovery
A new approach to staying sober advocates rediscovering life’s healthy rewards, rather than spotlighting deprivation.
World of Psychology
How to Stop Locking Horns with
Your Spouse

Do you sometimes feel like you and your partner are stuck in a disagreement? By using this one technique, you can end up with a resolution with which you’re both happy.
How Babies Change Relationships
Sheryl and Larry tied the knot five years ago. As educated, career-oriented people, they entered into a modern marriage. But babies change everything.
5 Ways to Feel Less Anxious
Break free from the loop of nonstop worrying that can leave you exhausted and wiped out at the end of the day.
Good Mental Health Hygiene Habits
Good mental health hygiene habits promote wellness and resilience, and protect us from becoming overwhelmed by mental illness.
10 Tips for a Successful Relationship
To become trusted and loving partners for life, both of you have to put in considerable time and effort.
3 Ways to Navigate Family Issues as a Couple During the Holidays
You might dread the holidays or think there are no solutions or alternatives. But there’s always something you can do.
We Stand with Paris
Civilized society won’t stand for terrorists who interpret ancient texts only to justify their murderous behavior.
Best of our Blogs
Hereditary Memory: Can a Child Remember What the Parent Has Forgotten?
(Psych Central Professional) – Offspring of trauma survivors often feel that they carry the memory of their parents, sometimes even having nightmares and flashbacks of things they never experienced themselves.
Use Joy To Treat Depression, Anxiety, Addiction
(Therapy Soup) - Joy is necessary to help heal depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues, as well as addiction.
3 Reasons Why ADHD Kids Are Awesome
(Loving a Child with ADHD) – We could learn a lot of lessons from these kids!
What If We Treated Other Illnesses the Way We Treat Mental Illness?
(Life with Schizophrenia) – How acceptable would it be for other serious illnesses to become the punch-line of a joke?
Not Every Autistic Person Wants to Work
in Tech

(I’m Not a Robot) – It’s short-sighted that those with autism are getting tracked into this one area.
Why Alone Is Not the Same as Lonely
(Single at Heart) – There is a difference between the kind of aloneness that people seek out and the kind of aloneness that hurts.
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Unusual Work Conduct
For the past two and a half years I have been constantly harassed by my coworkers. I reported this to my managers and...
My Boyfriend Doesn't Trust Me
I am 20 years old. I’ve been with my boyfriend since I was 16, and we now have a 3-year-old daughter. My boyfriend...
When to Change Psychiatrists?
I’m having troubles with asking to see a different psychiatrist — I like mine, or should I say I used to like her and trust her... now if I bring...
What Should I Do About My Depression?
I’ve been feeling depressed lately. All I want to do is to lay in my bed, drink, smoke and hope to die. I don’t...
Possible Depression?
I’m an Education graduate Cum Laude and currently working as a BPO agent. I recently decided to continue to Law, primarily to achieve my dream of being a lawyer, but...
Violent Daydreaming
Hello, I have a question about a severe case of violent daydreaming. I am a survivor of childhood abuse and have been suffering from violent daydreaming for more than 15...
Is Interracial Dating a Mental Disorder?
I am a white woman in a southern state who has dated several black men in the last few years, as well as a couple of white...
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