This Is Not a Story About a Great White Whale

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  June 18, 2015 Subscribe   The editors of Beef Today comb the Internet to discover news cattle producers can use By Greg Henderson and FriendsThis Is Not a Story About a Great White Whale Although Moby, the 42-year-old baldheaded nag, (oh, me!) did lend a new interpretation to the classic Herman Melville novel title when he accused California farmers this week of hogging all the water. His petition calling for restrictions on how much water state farmers may use led to the expected chorus of can't-we-get-along responses from farm groups. For our part, we're waiting to hear if there's any truth to the rumor the California checkoff boards have inked a deal with new celebrity spokesman Eminem.
Moby: Save that water for lawns and pools
(Beef Today)

It's over, nobody listens to techno (YouTube) ADVERTISEMENT Get More Money from Your Land... With Minimal Work
With public land in short supply, hunting leases are increasing across the nation. Get tips on increasing your land value, preparing your land for a hunting lease and more. But Does it Make Your Own Boobs Look Bigger to You by Closing Time? The new-age online magazine Vice warns fans of the current small brewery craze that the phytoestrogenic properties of the hops going into all those popular IPA craft beers are leading to a new epidemic of man boobs, otherwise known as brewer's drop.
Bad news: could be true.
Good news: could lead to whole new age of temperance.
Craft beers are giving you man boobs (Vice)
And you thought beer belly was a problem (IB)
You got a problem with moobs? (Youtube) Read More from Grazing the Net A superstorm of softer cash cattle prices and plunging beef cutout values have pushed feedlot closeouts deep into the red. Beef Today has the story. I Paid $300 to Be a Farmer and All I Got Was this Lousy Nintendinitis Computer-game simulation equipment maker Saitek's new $299.99 Farming Simulator controller gives you a detailed steering wheel with 900-degree rotation, loader control stick and 25-button side panel for "maximum realism" when farming your virtual Farming Simulator. All well-and-good for the price, but we prefer our farming simulators with some real farming situations, like anal-probing aliens, nine-figure net worths and further reassurance there's some places left on the Internet where kids are safe from naked women (or meeting any women, for that matter).
Real farming from a Lazy Boy (AgWeb)
Alien meteors on your farm (YouTube)
So that's what farming looks like! (YouTube)
Seriously, fellas, stop farming mom's basement and get a date (YouTube) ADVERTISEMENT Don't Risk the Future of Your Farm
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