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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 251 — September 25, 2015
How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library Series
A series of 23 bitesize screencasts (the longest is 6 minutes) covering the process of building and releasing your own library, from setting up GitHub, through to unit testing, publishing with npm, and automatic releases.
Kent C. Dodds

Promisees: A Visualization Playground for Promises
A clever visual demonstration of how promises are processed, returned, and caught.
Nicolas Bevacqua

A Guide to JavaScript Engines for the Underinformed
What’s an engine and what does it do? What steps do JavaScript engines take to run the code they’re given?
Jen Looper

Token-Based Authentication for Single Page ApplicationsLearn to improve the security of your SPAs using JWTs, HTTPS-only cookies, a CSRF token strategy & more!
ES6 Strings (and Unicode) in Depth
In ES6 it’s a lot easier to check if a string starts, ends with, or includes certain text, and Unicode handling is a little more elegant.
Nicolas Bevacqua

Creating an Animated Product Slider with Sequence.js
A JavaScript library that provides a responsive CSS framework for creating unique sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications.
David Walsh

ECMAScript Spec Development Has Moved to GitHub
“ECMAScript’s development has moved to GitHub and ECMAScript’s specification has moved from Word to Ecmarkup—a custom dialect of HTML”
Brian Terlson

Learn Raw React (With no JSX, Flux, ES6 or Webpack)
If the number of technologies around modern React apps has put you off learning it, this might be the tonic for you.
James K Nelson

ES6 Array Extensions in Depth
One of the most commonly used data structures has received a handful of improvements in ES6, including .find, .keys, .values, and .fill.
Nicolas Bevacqua


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In brief

Announcing Meteor 1.2: ES2015, Angular, React, and More news tools 
Meteor nginScript: A JS-Based Scripting Language for NGINX news tools 
NGINX OSCON is in Amsterdam, 26-28 October 2015 news
OSCON is back in Europe and I’m one of the chairs, so come along :-)
O'Reilly Simplify Directives with Scope Inheritance in AngularJS tutorial 
Davide Curletti An Introduction to JavaScript Promises With Node.js tutorial node 
Zach Alexander ES6 Features Commonly Used with Functional Style React tutorial 
Mikael Brevik Javascript Debugging Tips tutorial
Here’s a collection of handy tips you may not know to help speed up Javascript debugging, brought to you by Raygun.
Raygun   SponsoredBuilding a Date Picker with React JS tutorial 
The Dapper Developer __proto__ in ECMAScript 6 tutorial 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Transpiling ES6 Modules to AMD and CommonJS Using Babel and Gulp tutorial 
SitePoint Make ES6, Not Coffee opinion
An argument for switching back from CoffeeScript to ES6.
Jaakko Salonen ES6 Generators and Asynchronous JavaScript opinion
A look at what generators are and why they will eventually dramatically improve your code.
Alexander Perry Initial Impressions on GraphQL and Relay opinion 
Arunoda Susiripala NW.js and Electron Compared opinion tools
Both can be used to create a native desktop app using JavaScript.
TangibleJS Awesome Promises: A Curated List of Resources about JavaScript Promises tools 
Will Binns-Smith The new .NET MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ‘Situation Critical’ tools
Find out why ANTS Performance Profiler is the ultimate .NET profiler in a new online adventure. Read it now. 
Red Gate Software   SponsoredNativeScript 1.3 Release Is Live tools news
The JavaScript native app building toolkit.
Telerik JSCity: Visualizing JS Source Code As Navigable 3D Cities code tools 
Applied Software Engineering Research Group queryl: Query Language to Perform Complex Object Searches code 
IssueTrack react-experiments: Help for Defining and Managing UI Experiments in React code 
HubSpot redux-undo: Simple Undo/Redo Functionality for Redux State Containers code 
Daniel Bugl XRegExp 3.0.0: Extended JavaScript Regular Expressions code
Provides augmented and extensible JavaScript regular expressions.
Steven Levithan

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