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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 252 — October 2, 2015

Somehow we have over 500 new subscribers this week, so welcome to you all! And a long overdue thanks to all readers. We're just shy of 90,000 subscribers now, in no small part thanks to you sharing and mentioning the newsletter, and it's much appreciated :-)
- Peter Cooper, Editor

Clipboard.js: Flash-Free Copy to Clipboard Functionality
An attempt to make it easy to copy text to the clipboard via JavaScript. Works in all major browsers, though with a workaround for Safari. Just 2KB too.
Zeno Rocha

Customizing ES6 via Well-Known Symbols
In ES6, you can tweak how objects are treated in numerous situations by using several so-called ‘well known symbols’. Some intriguing stuff here.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

ESLint: The Next-Generation JavaScript Linter
First there was Crockford’s JSLint, then the more configurable JSHint, then.. ESLint which its creator explains and demonstrates in full here.
Nicholas C Zakas

Start Real Time JavaScript Error Reporting Before You Finish Your Morning CoffeeRaygun offers full stack support & detailed diagnostics that enable you to resolve errors fast. You can even contact effected users to let them know it’s sorted. Setup takes minutes, why not make this your most productive coffee break ever? Try Raygun free for 30 days.
The State of JS Performance on Android in 2015 is... Poor
The creator of the popular Discourse forum software (which heavily uses Ember) finds Android isn’t keeping up with iOS’s JS performance leaps.
Jeff Atwood

JavaScript Goes to Asynchronous City
A quick look at asynchronous code in JavaScript over time from ES5’s callbacks to ES6’s promises and on to ES7’s ‘async’ functions.
David Catuhe

A Cartoon Guide to Flux
Flux is a pattern for handling data in your application, initially focused on use with React. It can be tricky to understand though, so this guide explains it in a simple, visually-driven way.
Lin Clark

ES6 Promises in Depth
The latest in Nicolas’ dives into ES6’s features. This time promises get the full treatment. Well worth the read.
Nicolas Bevacqua


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In brief

Official Angular Support in Meteor with angular-meteor 1.0.0 news 
Meteor HTTP DoS Vulnerability in Node 4.x and io.js 3.x news node
A fixed 4.x release is due next Monday. Don't forget Node Weekly if Node news is key to you.
nodejs-sec It’s not too late. Get your boss to send you to OSCON news
OSCON is happening 26–28 October in Amsterdam. That's only a matter of weeks. Where will you be? If the answer is "at the office, wishing I were at OSCON," we've got a plan. Here's how to get your boss to send you to OSCON. 
O'Reilly   SponsoredConcatenating Typed Arrays tutorial
Typed arrays don’t have a concat() method like typical arrays do, so…
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Using the JSCharting Library, A Full Tutorial tutorial
(The underlying library is commercial, but the results look great.) 
Nicolas Bevacqua Pro JavaScript Concepts for Enterprise Developers tutorial 
Telerik Developer Network Debugging Webpack Applications in WebStorm tutorial 
JetBrains Introduction to Rendr, Server-Side Rendering for Backbone.js tutorial code
Rendr is a library for isomorphic use of Backbone.js, allowing rendering on both client and server.
SitePoint ES6: Methods versus Callbacks tutorial 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer React Data Fetching with Relay tutorial 
Kev Zettler Cleaning the Tar: Using React within the Firefox Developer Tools video 
James Long, Mozilla How Async Functions in JavaScript Work on Microsoft Edge video
A discussion about the implementation of the Async Function specification in Edge.
Channel 9 Using Webpack to Transform JSX video 
Michael Chan nginScript: Why is NGINX Creating Its Own JavaScript Implementation? opinion 
NGINX Scalable Angular Apps Are Tricky, But Not Impossible. Lessons Learnt From PayPal Checkout opinion 
Daniel Brain A Modern React Starter Pack based on Webpack tools 
Krasimir Tsonev Free open source REST API backend for JavaScript applications tools
DreamFactory released v2 of its versatile and powerful API platform. Free hosted dev sandbox for rapid prototyping. 
DreamFactory   SponsoredDocument ES6 with ESDoc tools tutorial
ESDoc is a documentation generator for JavaScript.
Jonathan Creamer Zepto Builder: Generate A Custom Zepto With The Modules You Need tools 
Boye Popmotion: An Animation, Physics and Input Tracking Engine code
Used to drive the motion of UIs. It has native support for CSS, DOM attributes, SVG and SVG paths.
Popmotion Ltd Vojvoda: Backbone View Extension for Managing Subviews code 
Aleksandar Goševski Video.js 5 Released: The HTML/CSS and JavaScript Web Video Library code
Release notes, if you’re interested.

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