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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 255 — October 23, 2015
rollup.js: A JavaScript Module Bundler
Author your app or library using ES2015 modules, then efficiently bundle them up into a single file for use in browsers and Node.js.
Oskar Segersvärd

Arrow This: Clearing Up Confusion over Arrow Functions
What do ES6’s ‘arrow functions’ do with this, arguments, super and scoping in general?
Kyle Simpson

Trix: A WYSIWYG Text Editor for Everyday Web Writing
A CoffeeScript-based text editor for the Web built for use in the next version of Basecamp. There’s a live demo if you want to see it in action.

New @getify Workshop: Functional-Lite to Asynchronous JSGet a primer in functional programming and then dive into wrangling "callback hell" with better patterns for asynchronous programming like Generators, Observables and CSP.
Join us LIVE November 5th & 6th (online or in-person)
Frontend Masters
Angular 2 in Plain JS - No ES6, No TypeScript
Want to take a look at Angular 2, but are put off by TypeScript or ES6? Dave Ceddia looks at things from a ‘plain’ ES5 perspective and provides some exercises to try.
Dave Ceddia

Choosing a Framework: Angular vs Ember vs React
Overviews of Ember 2.0, React 0.14, and the in-the-works Angular 2, and a brief and mostly subjective comparison, though “there is no clear winner.”
Smashing Boxes

Experimenting with Object.observe in JavaScript
Object.observe is a proposed ECMAScript 7 (ES7) feature available in Chrome and the latest Node that lets a function be notified of changes made to a designated object.
David Voyles

The Viability of JS Frameworks on Mobile
Are the popular web frameworks suitable for building mobile pages? How do we address the poor performance of mobile web apps on mobile devices?
Henrik Joreteg

jQuery Tips Everyone Should Know
Or “A collection of simple tips to help up your jQuery game.”
Matt Smith


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In brief

Help your team understand Angular 2.0 with a free, live workshop course
Experts will discuss components, design patterns & migration strategies. Join with your team online or in-person. 
Thinkful   SponsoredA Beginner's Guide to Currying in Functional JavaScript tutorial 
SitePoint Building Multilingual Support into an Angular App tutorial 
Ahmad Ajmi Building a Real-Time Chess Game with tutorial
A complete tutorial of building a simple chess game backed by a Node server.
David Washington An ECMAScript 6 Destructuring Gotcha tutorial 
Nicholas C Zakas Why Is There A “Temporal Dead Zone” in ES6? tutorial 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Better Assertions for Shallow-Rendered React Components tutorial 
James Friend ECMAScript Proposal: Function-Callable Classes tutorial 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer What's New in Ember 2.0? tutorial 
SitePoint How to Use Modernizr Responsibly tutorial 
Jérémy Heleine Building an RSS Bot for Telegram with AWS Lambda tutorial 
Julien Genestoux Understanding ES6 Arrow Functions for jQuery Developers video 
Wes Bos Best Practices for Using Promises in JS opinion 
Oleksii Rudenko Why I’m Not Staking My Future on MeteorJS opinion 
Calvin Froedge You Might Not Need Gulp.js opinion 
Konstantin Tarkus Goodbye CoffeeScript, Hello TypeScript opinion 
Jiawei Li The Official Angular Cheat Sheets tools 
Angular 2 ways of testing: where you wait for tests to finish... and wallaby.js tools
Instant feedback from your tests in JavaScript (ES6/ES7)/TypeScript/CoffeeScript. Now in Atom editor too. 
Wallaby.js   SponsoredKhan Academy's React Style Guide tools 
Khan Academy Photon: An Electron UI Kit for Building Beautiful Apps with HTML and JS tools 
Connor Sears valid.js: A Simple Library for Data Validation code 
Daniel Leite de Oliveira react-dom-stream: A Streaming Server-Side Rendering Library for React code node
“Streams make this library as much as 47% faster in sending down a full page than ReactDOM.renderToString”
Sasha Aickin

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