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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 258 — November 13, 2015

Just before hitting send, I noticed JavaScript Weekly is exactly 5 years old! :-) JavaScript has come a long way in this time, as you can see from the contents of issue 1. If you want to reminisce, enjoy the issue archive for a walk down memory lane, and an extra special thanks to the 1838 initial subscribers who have stayed with us ever since issue 1 :-)
- Peter Cooper, Editor

Anatomy of A Large Angular Application
An extensive look, complete with helpful diagrams, at how to architect an Angular application so that it can comfortably grow over time.
Kristian Poslek

Interactive Exercises in Functional Programming in JS
A series of interactive exercises for learning Microsoft’s Reactive Extensions (Rx) Library by initially tackling plain JS functional concepts.

10 Questions I’ve Been Asked Over 6 Technical JavaScript Job Interviews
This spawned a lot of discussion but is well worth reading if you’re looking for a job in this space.

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Face Proximity Detection with JavaScript
A walk through of creating a system using HTML5 Canvas and getUserMedia to detect how far a user is away from their screen. (Note: Demos won’t work on Chrome 47+ due to getUserMedia being disabled on insecure origins.)

Highlights from AngularConnect 2015
The official European Angular conference wrapped up a few weeks ago and here are a variety of insights and news from the event. Want to watch the actual talks? Enjoy these 41 videos.
Angular Team

source-map-explorer: Analyze and Debug JS Code Bloat
This tool produces visualizations of where all the code in your minified JS came from so you can either optimize or justify your file sizes.
Dan Vanderkam

The Asm.js Chess Battle
A demonstration of how Asm.js-based JavaScript can run a lot faster through a chess match where Asm.js optimized and non-optimized players get 200ms each turn to find the best move.
Microsoft Edge Dev

Playing Fasttracker 2 .XM Files with JavaScript
A fun walk through a developer’s project to play old-school tracker music files in the browser using JavaScript.


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In brief

Poll: 8% of JavaScript developers avoiding semicolons by default news 
Twitter Supercharging Windows JavaScript Performance with asm.js news
asm.js is now supported by default in Microsoft Edge and brings extra performance to WebViews in universal Windows applications too.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog Angular Core Team Keynote at AngularConnect 2015 news video
Several prominent Angular folks look at where Angular is now and where it’s going.
YouTube Future-proof your JS with online Angular 2.0 Transition Architecture Course course
Master RESTful APIs, Advanced Promises, new concepts in ES6, TypeScript & other important learnings for moving towards Angular 2.0. Attend remotely and take advantage of recorded sessions after course completion.   Sponsored15 jQuery Tips Everyone Should Know tutorial 
Matt Smith Understanding Components in Ember 2 tutorial 
SitePoint Haskell in ES6: Part 1 tutorial 
casualjavascript The Six Things You Need To Know About Babel 6 tutorial 
James K Nelson Using ES6 and ES7 in the Browser, with Babel 6 and Webpack tutorial 
James K Nelson How We Use React and npm to Share UI Code at AdRoll opinion 
Mars Jullian JavaScript Is Eating The World opinion 
Dan Rowinski 10 Habits of a Happy Node Hacker, 2016 Edition opinion node 
Heroku Flow, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Type-Check My React Code video 
Jeff Morrison How to Get Started with Angular 2 video
A 24 minute live coding session.
Rado Kirov and Naomi Black What's New in TypeScript (1.5 Onwards) video 
Bill Ticehurst Google Closure Compiler Plugin for Webpack tools 
Roman Liutikov Try the best HTML5 Video Player with a rich JavaScript API for free code
Playing videos on the web isn't always easy. With bitmovin's JavaScript/HTML5 video player it's getting easy. Play your videos everywhere with low startup delay and no buffering. Rich JS API included. 
Bitmovin   SponsoredNodeadmin: An Admin Interface for MySQL + Express Apps node tools code 
Notie: A Simple Notification Plugin with No Dependencies code 
Jared Reich React-Treebeard: A Fast, Customizable React Tree View Component code 
Alex Curtis GridManager.js: A Live Grid Layout Editor code 
Tom King wu.js: Higher Order Functions for ECMAScript 6 Iterators code
Great documentation and code samples here.
Nick Fitzgerald

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