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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 259 — November 20, 2015
TIFU by using Math.random()
A fascinating, in-depth look at the process of generating random numbers and why V8's Math.random() implementation isn’t what it should be.
Mike Malone

What's in ECMAScript 2016 (ES7)?
If all the ES6, TC39, strawman, ES7, etc. jargon confuses you, you’ll appreciate this clean explanation from our former editor.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Microsoft 'Visual Studio Code' Now Open Source
Visual Studio Code is a code editor built by Microsoft. It’s mostly written in TypeScript and runs as a desktop app using Node and Electron.

Faster Page Loads with Responsive Images in 30 Minutes or LessWith imgix, integrating responsive images into your app could not be easier. imgix resizes, crops, and processes images on demand. Learn how to start delivering responsive images in less than 30 minutes.
The Cost of Frameworks on Mobile
Thoughts over whether frameworks are too costly for mobile use, based on performance tests run against different versions of TodoMVC.
Psst! Check out our Mobile Web Weekly if this topic appeals to you :-)
Paul Lewis

Closures Are Not Magic
A valiant attempt to explain closures in simple terms, using JavaScript.
Igor Šarčević

Plotly Open Sources Plotly.js, a JavaScript Graphing Library
Built on top of d3.js, plotly.js is a declarative charting library offering things like 3D charts, statistical graphs, and SVG maps. GitHub repo here.

JavaScript Air: A New, Live Broadcast Podcast
The first episode will be on December 9th and feature a panel discussion with Brendan Eich. One for the calendar.
Kent C Dodds


Web Applications Engineer at Nest Labs.With hundreds of thousands of Nest customers touching our apps daily to make their homes safer and more energy efficient, every member of our team can make a big impact and know the apps they develop will receive lots of visibility. Nest Labs(Senior) JavaScript Developer (m/f) at ShoreShore is looking for passionate developers who breathe JavaScript. Join a startup & write production-ready ECMAScript 2015 in an agile environment. Promise.resolve('challenge').then((c) => You.accept(c).at(Shore)) Shore GmbHApplying For Jobs Is As Outdated As FortranForget applying for jobs. Through Hired, companies looking for someone with your skills and experience reach out to you with interview requests, which include salary and other benefits upfront.

In brief

Ember.js 2.2 and 2.3 Beta Released news 
Aurelia Beta 1 is Here news
Aurelia is a next-gen JavaScript client framework.
React v0.14.3 Released news 
Top 10 ES6 Features Every Busy JavaScript Developer Must Know tutorial 
Azat Mardan Call Monitoring with Twilio, React, Express and tutorial 
Sam Agnew DOM Tips and Techniques: Parent, Child, and Siblings tutorial 
Louis Lazaris Using JavaScript Frameworks inside C# with ChakraBridge tutorial tools
What if a C# developer could use JavaScript inside C#?
SitePoint Build a Fullstack Application With Angular.js, Express.js, and User Management in 15 Minutes with Stormpath tutorial
Get a full-stack Angular.js and Express.js app up and running in 15 minutes with user authentication and more. 
Stormpath   SponsoredFinitely Iterating Infinite Data With ES6 Generators tutorial 
Derick Bailey Making a Progressive App with ServiceWorker tutorial 
Nicolas Bevacqua Creating Components in Angular 2 with Typescript and ES5 tutorial 
SitePoint Build an App with Vue.js: From Authentication to Calling an API tutorial 
Ryan Chenkie I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious opinion 
WIRED GraphQL is the King. Long Live the King! (R.I.P. REST) opinion 
S. C. Barrus Semicolons in JavaScript: A Preference opinion 
Kent C Dodds Optimize Web App Performance through Drawing opinion 
Jeanette Head Let’s Learn How to Use JavaScript Responsibly and Stay Up-to-Date opinion video 
Christian Heilmann Live Online Workshops: React course
Master React with live, group mentorship. Code alongside expert mentors in 1-hour sessions. Perfect for experienced engineers. 
Thinkful   SponsoredOracle JET: A Modular Client Side JavaScript Framework tools 
Oracle SigmaJS: Graph Drawing Library with Canvas and WebGL Rendering code 
Alexis Jacomy Viewer: A jQuery Image Viewing Plugin code
Lots of tweaks can be made out of the box.
Fengyuan Chen Inspired Tree: Efficient Javascript UI Tree Component code 
Helion3 LLC instantsearch.js: UI Widgets for Instant Search Experiences with Algolia code 
Algolia jSanity: Cross-browser Client-Side HTML Sanitization Library code 

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