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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 260 — November 27, 2015
Concurrently JavaScript: 3 Posts on Concurrency
Kyle Simpson covers concurrency vs parallelism, threads, asynchrony, reactive programming, and CSP (communicating sequential processes).
Kyle Simpson

An ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points
Tired by lengthy articles and prefer snappy bulletpoints? This is a great way to skim through and get a bird’s eye view of ES6.
Nicolas Bevacqua

What Are The Best JavaScript IDEs?
Crowdsourced summaries and comparisons of 18 different IDEs and text editors used by JavaScript developers.

NEW: Performance Metrics for AngularGet a breakdown of the digest cycle including AJAX, templating, services & cache calls. See how each controller spends its time and what’s slowing your app. JavaScript Weekly readers get early access to the beta. Sign up.
Microm: A 'Microphone to MP3' Library
A library to record microphone input in the browser and return an MP3 blob. Brings together lamejs, webrtc-adapter, and RecordRTC. Demo page.
Hector Leon Zarco Garcia

Top Frameworks, Libraries & Tools and When to Use Them
Quick high level summaries of Angular, React, Backbone, Ember, jQuery, Underscore, D3.js, Babylon.js, Three.js, Mocha/Chai, Karma, PhantomJS, Grunt/Gulp, and Babel.

6 Things To Know About WordPress Moving to JS
No, WordPress is not ditching PHP wholesale and moving to JavaScript, but it’s using Node and React for a new admin tool called Calypso.
Alex Johnson

What Every JS Developer Should Know About ES2015
A Kindle book that’s currently free but only until the ‘end of the week’.


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In brief

React.js Conf - February 22-23 in San Francisco news
The CFP is open until December 13.
NEW WEBINAR: Using React and JavaScript to build near native cross-platform mobile applications news
Move towards a radical fusion of mobile native and hybrid JavaScript development to understand why React Native should be the choice for your next mobile web project. 
RANGLE.IO   SponsoredAngularJS 1.5.0-beta.2 and 1.4.8 Released news 
Microsoft to Stop Supporting IE8, IE9, and IE10 in January 2016 news 
Microsoft Wallaby.js for Visual Studio Code Released news tools 
Artem Govorov How to Integrate jQuery Plugins into an Ember Application tutorial 
Lamin Sanneh How to build Minesweeper using Angular 2 and Immutable.js 
You can
play it here. 
Refactoring to Microservices: What We Learned with Backbone/Marionette tutorial 
Pasha Craydon An Explanation of the 'String Padding' Proposal tutorial
A look at a proposal (at stage 3 in the official process) for adding padStart and padEnd functions to strings.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer 10 Things to Know About Gulp tutorial 
Adam Lynch Steps To Prepare Your Angular 1 Code for Angular 2 tutorial 
Oren Farhi The Command Pattern Applied to Your Ember.js Application tutorial 
Yoran Brondsema Data-Driven Tests in JavaScript Using Mocha tutorial 
Alex Booker ES.stage3 Proposal: Trailing Commas in Function Parameter Lists & Calls tutorial 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Distributing React Components tutorial 
Krasimir Tsonev Crash Course to Angular course
Jump right in and build your first Angular web app today. 
Outlearn   SponsoredReact Is Killing Angular opinion
Yes, it’s only an opinion, but here it’s presented in a unique way.
Argument Map The Pros and Cons of Frameworkless JavaScript opinion 
Paweł Zagrobelny Forgo JS Packaging? Not So Fast opinion 
Khan Academy React Virtual DOM vs Incremental DOM vs Ember’s Glimmer: Fight opinion
Benchmarks of three different ways to work with dynamic DOMs.
Sebastián Peyrott ResponsifyJS: Dynamically Responsive Images jQuery Plugin code 
Wentin Zhang Spooky React: A 'Skeleton' for Front-End Apps with React, ES2015, and Browserify code 
David van Gelder de Neufville Unreal.js: A Plugin Bringing V8 JavaScript into Unreal Engine 4 code 
NCSOFT mo.js: Motion Graphics for the Web code 
Oleg Solomka jump.js: A Small, Modern, Dependency-Free Smooth Scrolling Library code 
Michael Cavalea react-yearly-calendar: React.js Yearly Calendar Component code 

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