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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 261 — December 4, 2015
Must See JavaScript Dev Tools
A great walk through some of the greatest JavaScript developer tools that currently exist and why Eric uses them.
Eric Elliott

Labella.js: For Non-Overlapping Labels Along Lines
If you need to label numerous points along a line, working out where to place the labels could be tricky. Labella handles it elegantly; see the examples.

New Course: Building Modern Web Apps (with React, Ampersand, ES6 & Webpack)Learn everything you need to build and deploy a maintainable single page app. This course covers a broad range of topics as we build an app from scratch using React, Ampersand, ES6 (ES2015), and Webpack.
Frontend Masters
Split.js: A Library to Create Adjustable Split Views / Panes
No dependencies, just provide two elements with a common parent. Works horizontally or vertically and provides draggable gutters.
Nathan Cahill

Reagent: JavaScript Testing Utilities for React
Mimics jQuery’s API for DOM manipulation and traversal and should be compatible with all major test runners and assertion libraries.

Configuring Babel 6
Babel 6 is more configurable than Babel 5, but it can be trickier to do, so Axel Rauschmayer shares some handy tips with us here.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

V8's Random Number Generator Updated
After some recent criticism of the quality of Math.random’s output on V8/in Chrome, it has received some updates.


Senior JavaScript Engineer at TwitchTwitch is building the future of interactive entertainment and we’re looking for someone who brings JavaScript application development experience and technical leadership, around whom we can build a focused team to execute on one of our core product areas. TwitchJavaScript Front End Developer, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (full time)We are hiring the best Front End developers to join our international top-talent team in Amsterdam. We want you to have the freedom to make an impact on millions of users worldwide and keep us innovating. Booking.comWant to spend less time job searching? Join in 1 min and the best startups will come to you.If you’re accepted, startup decision-makers will email you as soon as next Monday. You decide where to interview and where to work. Now open in SF, NYC, and remote. Join the platform today. Underdog.IO

In brief

Node v5.1.1 (Stable) Released news node
An important security release.
Node Foundation JSFiddle Gets A Facelift news 
Oskar Krawczyk New Webinar: Why Redux is the future of Angular 2 and React news
From reducers and pure functions, to pairing Redux with React and Angular, hear from our CTO Yuri Takhteyev why you should be using Redux for your next application.   SponsoredJS Remote Conf: An Online JavaScript Conference in January 2016 news
CFP is open for another week if you want to speak.
Using ES6 on AWS Lambda tutorial 
Robin Ricard Rotate Graphical Elements on Scroll with JavaScript tutorial 
Dudley Storey Rendering Image Previews Using Object URLs vs. Base64 Data URIs in Angular tutorial
Object URLs are URLs that point to files on disk and are supported by the latest versions of all major browsers.
Ben Nadel 5 Essential Ember 2.0 Concepts You Must Understand tutorial 
Ember Igniter How to Build a Todo App Using React, Redux, and Immutable.js tutorial 
SitePoint Interactive Geographical Map with SVG and JavaScript tutorial 
Dudley Storey An Introduction to ClojureScript tutorial
A popular Clojure to JavaScript compiler.
Kev Zettler Tips for Building Your First Meteor App video 
Anders Ramsay Tom Dale on Why Larger Frameworks Trump Stitching Together 'Microlibraries' opinion 
Reddit A React Custom Renderer using Web Workers? opinion
Is a custom renderer for React using Web Workers to run Virtual DOM diffing calculations faster?
Parashuram N A Look at JavaScript Beyond the Web in 2015 opinion 
Patrick Catanzariti Moving Bugsnag's Front-end to React - What We Learned opinion 
Bugsnag Performance metrics for Angular tools
Get a breakdown of the digest cycle including AJAX, templating, services & cache calls. See how each controller spends its time and what’s slowing your app. Sign up to the private beta. 
Opbeat   SponsoredPhoenix 2.0 Released: An OS X Window Manager Scriptable with JavaScript tools 
Kasper Hirvikoski Dream.js: JSON Sample Data Generator from Provided Schemas tools code 
Adler Oliveira Babel Contracts: Design by Contract for JS via a Babel Plugin code 
codemix PureSlider: A Lightweight, No-Dependency Image Slider Library code 
Randy Lu Highway: Fast and Simple JavaScript Routing Library with No Dependencies code 
Ashley Hunter react-snowstorm: A Snow Effect Component for React code
Only letting this through because it’s December ;-) Demo. 
Burak Can Cropper.js: A JavaScript Image Cropper code 
Fengyuan Chen React Progress 2: A YouTube Style Progress Bar for React.js code 
Ruslan Prytula

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