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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 262 — December 11, 2015

For today only, we've partnered with Manning Publications on a 50% sale of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, JavaScript Application Design & Third Party JavaScript. Use code dotd121115cc to get the 50%. Not interested? Enjoy this free chapter [PDF] from Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja instead :-)
- Peter Cooper, Editor

Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript Engine to Be Open-Sourced
Microsoft will open-source the core components of Chakra (as ChakraCore), the JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge.

Bliss: A 3KB Library for Happier Vanilla JS
Spawned from 8 years of solid JavaScript work and expertise comes Lea Verou’s Bliss, a ‘helper library for people who don’t like helper libraries’ and who want to use vanilla JS with just a little help. The side by side examples of vanilla JS and Bliss are compelling.
Lea Verou

JavaScript Developer Survey Results
Nicolas Bevacqua ran a survey on his popular JavaScript blog and got over 5000 responses. Get insights into the community’s use of testing, semicolons, CI, build scripts, and more.
Nicolas Bevacqua

Try RASON® – RESTful Analytic Solver® Object Notation for JavaScriptRASON® is the super-easy way to solve powerful optimization and simulation models in your web or mobile app. Use a high-level modeling language embedded in JSON, and a simple, Azure-backed REST API that’s free for small problems, but scalable to handle huge models.
Frontline Systems Inc.
The Beginner's Preemptive Guide To AngularJS 2 Alpha
An extensive walkthrough of building a Markdown editor in Angular 2 that got the thumbs up from Angular’s own Brad Green.

Universal React: A Tutorial
“We’re going to create a tiny ReactJS application that will work both on the server and the client.”
Jack Franklin

How to Schedule Background Tasks in JavaScript
We all know about setTimeout for timing the execution of code, but are you familiar with requestIdleCallback?
Craig Buckler


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In brief

TypeScript 1.7 Released news
Now supports Async functions for targets with ES6 generator support enabled.
MS Visual Studio Code Enables ES6 Support by Default news 
Microsoft 50% off 5 of Manning's JavaScript Books - Today Only news 
Manning Publications   SponsoredNode v5.2.0 (Stable) Released news node 
Node Foundation Angular 1.5.0-rc.0 Released news code 
GitHub ES7 Proposal: The Pipeline Operator news opinion
A proposal for adding the simple-but-useful pipeline operator to JavaScript.
Gilbert CodeSchool Launches Interactive ES2015 Course news 
CodeSchool Parsing RSS Feeds in JavaScript - The Options tutorial 
Raymond Camden Building Mobile Apps with Angular 2 and NativeScript tutorial 
Angular Blog What's New in Vue.js 1.0 tutorial 
Ryan Chenkie Building A ToDo List Application with Angular 2 tutorial 
Colin Eberhardt Emscripten and WebAssembly slidedeck
A slidedeck from the creator of Emscripten.
Alon Zakai Using React is a Business Decision, Not a Technology Choice opinion
“React grew out of solving business problems rather than technical ones.”
Eric Baer Observations on Promises opinion 
Chris Dickinson d3.compose: Make Data-Driven Visualizations from Reusable Components in d3 code 
Cornerstone Systems Northwest Inc. embed.js: A Pure JavaScript Plugin to Embed (Many Things) code
Analyzes supplied strings to insert/embed code, gists, videos, MP3s, and more into a page.
Ritesh Kumar pajax: Promise-Based AJAX library code 
n-fuse GmbH gridster.js: jQuery Plugin for Drag and Drop Multi-Column Grids code 
Ducksboard paredit.js: S-Expression Editor and Navigation code 
Robert Krahn Angular-trix: A Rich WYSIWYG Text Editor Directive for Angular code 
Sachin N Discover 52 tips to improve your .NET performance 
Our new eBook features dozens of tips and tricks to boost your .NET performance. Download your free copy. 
Redgate   Sponsored

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