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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 263 — December 18, 2015
Angular 2 Beta Released
“Beta means we’re now confident that most developers can be successful building large applications using Angular 2.”
Brad Green

Here’s What the JS Job Market Really Looks Like in 2016
Eric Elliott shares some advice on what it takes to get ahead as a professional JavaScript developer and what the market’s like.
Eric Elliott

V8 Engine's Random Number Algorithm Improved
The V8 JavaScript engine has a much improved random number generation algorithm, explains Yang Guo. It’ll be rolled out in Chrome 49.
The V8 Project

Faster Page Loads with Responsive Images in 30 Minutes or LessWith imgix, integrating responsive images into your app could not be easier. imgix resizes, crops, and processes images on demand. Learn how to start delivering responsive images in less than 30 minutes.
Create a Desktop App with Angular 2 and Electron
Electron is an open-source project from GitHub that lets us create cross-platform desktop applications with web technologies.

JSweet: A Transpiler to Write JavaScript Programs in Java
A transpiler going from Java to TypeScript with full syntax mapping. Use Java tooling but get typed JavaScript to run in the browser or on Node.

xto6: Transpile your ES5 Code to ES6 CodeRather than converting ES6 to ES5, as Babel does, xto6 tries to bring your ES5 code up to ES6 semantics.

One Simple Trick for JS Package Maintainers... avoid breaking their user’s software and to ship stable releases, using npm’s package distribution tags.
Stephan Bönnemann


Full-Stack Engineer at VTS (New York, NY)VTS is creating the next generation of Commercial Real Estate tools for brokers and landlords. We're experiencing record breaking month over month growth and are looking for talented engineers to swim in the deep end with us (Rails/Angular/Postgres) vts.comOpportunities with Amazon UI Platform Team in San Francisco & SeattleWithin the next hour, our platform will generate tens of millions of page views. And that's just in the US. Worldwide, we're used on about 90% of requests across all device categories. Amazon.comFreelance with Companies like Airbnb, IDEO, & JPMorganWork with top clients, set your own rates, and work from anywhere as an elite Toptal developer. Join the most exclusive network of top software engineers in the world. Toptal

In brief

ESLint v2.0.0-alpha-1 Released news tools 
Bringing the Power of SIMD.js to gl-matrix news 
Mozilla Hacks What's the Status of Sails.js? news
There’s been some concern over the status of the Sails.js project. Updates all round here.
GitHub The React Native Team Answers Questions on Reddit news
A lot to read, but if you’re into React Native, it’ll be worthwhile.
Reddit Angular Material 1.0 Now Available news code
Bringing your Angular app together with Material Design.
Angular Team An Intro To Using npm and ES6 Modules for Front End Development tutorial 
Wes Bos Crash Course to Angular tutorial
Jump right in and build your first Angular web app today. 
Outlearn   SponsoredHow to Export a JavaScript Module to Multiple Formats using Webpack tutorial 
Thomas Bartel Google Maps Made Easy with GMaps.js tutorial 
Shivam Mamgain Using Socket.IO and Cordova to Create a Real Time Chat App tutorial 
Wern Ancheta Stop Writing Loops and Start Thinking with Maps tutorial 
Jezen Thomas Dr. Axel's Babel 6 Articles tutorial
A flurry of posts including configuring ES6 standard library and helpers, loose mode, and Babel and CommonJS modules.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer What Does !-- Do in JavaScript? opinion
The overall response is.. whatever it does, don’t do it.
Stack Overflow When JavaScript Doesn't Happen opinion
What happens when JavaScript doesn’t run properly, and why should you anticipate this situation?
A List Apart 2015's Top JavaScript Devs To Follow opinion 
Sam Lowe Grooscript: Converts Groovy Code to JavaScript tools
Groovy is an object oriented language from the Java platform.
daterangepicker: A Date Range Picker Component code
Well presented. Check out the live demo.
SensorTower Treed: A Powerful Tree Editing Component code 
Jared Forsyth Shem: A Lisp-and-Haskell-like Compile to JS Functional Language code 
Michal Srb React Refetch: A Declarative, Composable Way to Fetch Data for React Components code 
Heroku Introducing Lokka: A Simple JavaScript Client for GraphQL code tutorial 
Arunoda Susiripala jQuery.monthpicker: A Month and Year Picker jQuery Plugin code 
Lugo Labs Timbre.js: JavaScript Library for Objective Sound Programming code 
mohayonao Victory: An Ecosystem of Modular Data Visualization Components for React code 
Formidable NEW WEBINAR SERIES: Your Angular 2.0 Strategy in Four Parts news
The launch of the Angular 2 Beta demands immediate attention by most organizations due to the massive impact it has on existing and future application development. Join our experts to understand why moving to Angular 2 is now your most important initiative. 
RANGLE.IO   Sponsored

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