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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 273 — March 4, 2016

If you're at O'Reilly Fluent in San Francisco next week, come and say hi to the CooperPress team and get some ES6 stickers from us :-) If you want to come to Fluent's meetups and hallway track for free, use code EH16SP with the Exhibit Hall pass. See you there!

What's New in jQuery 3
Aurelia De Rosa details all of the important additions, changes and deprecations in the upcoming version of jQuery.
Telerik Developer Network

Enzyme: JavaScript Testing utilities for React
A look at Enzyme, a library for testing React components.

Google Preps Angular2 for Final Release
A high level look at what’s going on with Angular2 and who’s already using it in production.
The New Stack

The Future of JavaScript—2016 and BeyondWill JavaScript continue to rise in use? What’s in store for the most popular JavaScript frameworks? Learn the answers to these questions in this whitepaper containing interviews with developers building the JavaScript of tomorrow.
Telerik Kendo UI
A Feature by Feature ES6 vs ES5 Speed Comparison
Yes, benchmarks, so your mileage may vary, but 5 browsers and 2 Node runtimes were used along with numerous ways to run the ES6 code on each.
Kevin Decker

How to Create a Text-to-Speech Chrome Extension
A succinct look at creating a Chrome extension that uses the Web Speech API to read out content upon the user’s request.
Ivan Dimov

Angular Attack: A 48 Hour Online Angular Hackathon
This comes from the folks who run the Rails Rumble and Node Knockout, so it’ll be good. Reg opens on March 1 and the competition is May 14-15.

Server-Side Rendering With React, Node And Express
An very in-depth tutorial, with code, diagrams, and insights into the process behind creating an isomorphic React and Express app.
Smashing Magazine

Rebass: 55 React UI Components
A variety of stateless, functional components to use, including cards, labels, buttons, toolbars, dropdowns, and many more.
Brent Jackson


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In brief

JSConf Iceland: August 25th — 26th 2016 news
The next batch of tickets is on sale next Tuesday.
Using Aurelia for Next Generation Web Apps (March 8, Online) news
A webinar next Tuesday with Rob Eisenberg, the creator of Aurelia.
Rob Eisenberg Ember.js 2.4 and 2.5 Beta Released news 
Object.values(), .entries() and .getOwnPropertyDescriptors() Now in Chrome news 
Serg Gospodarets WebAssembly May Go Live in Browsers This Year news 
InfoWorld JavaScript Frameworks in 2016 tutorial
Quick summaries of the main players.
Niall O'Brien ES6 Arrow functions vs. bind() tutorial 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer How To Secure AngularJS Apps With JSON Web Tokens tutorial
Everything you need to know about using JWTs securely, preventing XSS and CSRF attacks, and OAuth Access and Refresh Tokens. 
Stormpath   SponsoredInteractive JavaScript Charts Using Data from Google Sheets tutorial
Use jQuery to fetch JSON from Google’s Sheets cloud spreadsheet system then render a chart on a Web page.
Rohit Boggarapu Creating a GraphQL Server with Node.js and MongoDB tutorial node 
SitePoint Create Interactive Charts with ui-grid and Angular Chart tutorial 
AlgoTech Solutions Computed Property Caching in Ember tutorial 
Will Raxworthy The Angular Core Team on Angular 2, RxJS, and TypeScript video
3 talks back to back.
YouTube Why We Are Switching to Redux (and Sticking with React Too) opinion 
RedRadix Progress.js: A Themeable Progress Bar Library code 
Afshin Mehrabani GitHub Feed: An (Unofficial) GitHub Client Written with React Native code 
David Tse jQuery Anchorify: Creates Anchors for Headings on Your Page code 
Automattic angular2-demo: Sample Project using Angular2, Sass, TypeScript, and NPM code
There are some slides about Angular2, too.
Austin McDaniel snapGallery.js: Create Responsive Galleries from Differently Sized Images code 
Neeraj Joshua DeLima fetch-it: An Enhanced HTTP Client Based On Fetch code
Uses the Fetch API but lets you intercept requests and responses using middleware.
Diego Gadola jqGifPreview: jQuery Plugin For Facebook-esque GIF Previews code 
Srinivas Dasari We'll take you from beginner to employed engineer, guaranteed course
Sign up to start learning everything from HTML to Angular. We guarantee you a job after graduation or your money back. 
Thinkful   SponsoredRun Windows 98 In Your Browser, Thanks to JavaScript demo
It must be legit, because IE 5 crashes as soon as you try to do anything.

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