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Brendan Eich's Fluent keynote, hot loading in React, and state of the art JavaScript.
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Issue 274 — March 11, 2016
Brendan Eich on JavaScript in 2016: Beyond Harmony
In his keynote from this week’s O’Reilly Fluent conference, Brendan explains why he’s excited about WebAssembly. Note: Click the X to skip the login wall.
O'Reilly Media

Hot Reloading in React
Dan Abramov, the creator of Redux and React Hot Loader, takes an extensive look at the issues around implementing hot reloading functionality for React components and what he’s working on next.
Dan Abramov

State of the Art JavaScript in 2016
An opinionated tour of what one developer thinks the leading approaches are in a few areas of the JS ecosystem right now.
Francois Ward

Upcoming CS & React/Redux Workshops with Brian Holt (Netflix)Two upcoming workshops:
- Four Semesters of Computer Science in Six Hours Workshop on March 23rd for self-taught devs.
- 2 Day: Complete Intro to React Workshop on March 24th-25th to learn React/Redux.
Frontend Masters
An Introduction to The Web Bluetooth API
A look at the potential for communicating with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices from the Web browser. It’s a pretty elegant, promise-based API.
Shwetank Dixit

5 Tips To Improve Your JS with ES6 (video)
A well recorded hour long remote talk covering not only some handy ES6 tips, but how to work with ES6 generally and some of the tools available.
Derick Bailey

Building a (Very Simple) 3D Engine with JavaScript
Interested in the basics of the math behind 3D modelling and rendering? This is a nice JavaScript and Canvas driven tutorial with no WebGL necessary.
Jérémy Heleine

React v15.0 Release Candidate Released
React is switching to a new versioning scheme, and now’s a great opportunity to try the latest version on your React apps.


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In brief

JavaScript Founder Brendan Eich: WebAssembly Is A Game-Changer news 
InfoWorld JSConf Uruguay 2016 - Montevideo, April 15th-16th news
There’s a discount for the first 40 JavaScript Weekly readers to use it.
JSConf Uruguay JS Kongress 2016: A JavaScript Conference in Germany (28-29 November) news 
Crash Course to Angular course
Jump right in and build your first Angular web app today. 
Outlearn   SponsoredBuilding a UI Around an Ember Data App tutorial 
Ember Igniter Make Right Click on a Logo Show Logo Download Options tutorial
A clever and helpful UX trick.
Chris Coyier How to Build a Video Player Component in React tutorial 
Bruno Mota Authentication in Angular 2 tutorial 
Soós Gábor Building PhoneGap Applications with Ember: Lessons Learned video 
PhoneGap Blog Angular is a Design Pattern opinion 
Ionic Why a JavaScript Engine for an IoT Platform? opinion
Includes a presentation at the bottom.
Marko Mikulicic ng-inspector: The AngularJS Inspector Pane for Your Browser 
Bruno Daniel Responsive Images in 30 Minutes or Less tools
Imgix is a real-time image processing service and CDN. Implement lightboxes and zoom viewers without having to create multiple copies of the image and deliver them at high quality and speed to every device or browser. 
Imgix   Sponsored14 jQuery Modal Dialog Boxes tools
Quick summaries and screenshots of each.
Matt Burnett 20 Useful jQuery Sliders tools
Again, with summaries and screenshots.
Tuts+ Enclave: A Simpler Way to Compile React Applications tools
For anyone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a React project but wants the flexibility starter kits can’t provide.
Ean Platter Babylon: A JavaScript Parser From The Folks Behind Babel code
Heavily based on acorn and acorn-jsx, it supports ES6 and JSX by default.
Babel React-Summary: Builds Summaries for Inline Collections code
(e.g. ‘and 2 more’)
Adphorus React Compose: Simpler Stateless Components code
React components can become bloated with repeated logic. This provides you with a set of tools to avoid that. 
Domas Bitvinskas react-key-handler: A React Component to Handle Keyboard Events code 
Ayrton De Craene InversifyJS 2.0: A Powerful IoC Container for JS Apps Powered by TypeScript code 
Wolk Software Limited dynamicColorPage: jQuery Plugin to Easily Adapt A Page's Color Palette code 
ulobin freezeframe.js: Pause Animated GIFs and Animate on Events code 
react-mt-svg-lines: Animate SVG Lines code 
Peter Morawiec

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