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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 277 — April 1, 2016

Rest assured, this is (hopefully) an April Fools' free zone - unless we've been Fooled as well :-)

React Storybook: Build Your Components Outside Your AppAn introduction to a tool for developing UI components outside of your app in an isolated, more collaborative environment.
Arunoda Susiripala

Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Pure Function?Pure functions are essential for a variety of purposes, including functional programming, reliable concurrency, and React+Redux apps.
Eric Elliott

ECMAScript Proposal for JS Decorators and ProtocolsA JS decorators proposal is sitting at stage 1 of the ECMASCript process, but may soon advance further.
Nicolas Bevacqua

Future-proof your JavaScript with’s new online course: 'Angular 2 Transitional Architecture’Master RESTful APIs, Advanced Promises, new concepts in ES6, TypeScript other important learnings for moving to Angular 2. Attend remotely from anywhere in the world and take advantage of recorded sessions after course completion.
A Super Tiny Compiler, Written in JSAn ultra-simplified example of all the major pieces of a modern compiler written in annotated, easy-to-read JavaScript.
James Kyle

An Introduction to AngularJS Style GuidesA look at style guides, why AngularJS projects can need one, and some existing style guides you can use.
Francesco Iovine

Changes to npm's 'Unpublish' PolicyThe recent events caused by the unpublishing of npm modules has caused some key changes in npm policy that you need to be aware of when publishing your own packages.
npm, Inc.

5 Different JavaScript Decorator ImplementationsFive JavaScript implementations of the decorator pattern for fun, profit and improving understanding.
Nick Meldrum


craigslist seeks JavaScript Developers (San Francisco, CA)CL seeks web devs with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML experience to join a small (~50), tech-driven, laid-back workplace to design and ship new features daily, and see them loved (or hated) by millions. Come help us save the world, or at least our corner of the Internet. craigslistFrontend Consultant (Amsterdam, Netherlands)Hit the road with Backbase. Join our awesome frontend developers from more than 30 countries. BackbaseDevOps Engineer - Gaming Tribe (United Kingdom)Sky Betting and Gaming are looking for a DevOps Engineer. The role requires responsibility for the development and support of our PaaS toolset and the ability to communicate technical information to non-experts. Sky Bet

In brief

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview news
A way to preview the latest technologies coming to Safari. 
Apple Meteor 1.3 Released news 
The Future of Ember Templating and Glimmer 2 news
Fresh from this week’s EmberConf. 
Tom Dale Sweet.js, the Macro System for JavaScript, Reaches 1.0 news 
Tim Disney What's New for WebPack 2? news 
Tobias Koppers A Beginner's Guide to npm, the Node Package Manager tutorial node
And don’t forget to subscribe to Node Weekly too :-) 
Peter Dierx 3 Ways to Find the Longest Word in a String tutorial 
Sonya Moisset Creating a Donation Widget with Flight and Stripe tutorial
Flight is an event-driven behavior-to-DOM mapping JS framework by Twitter. 
Niels Klom Promise-Based Functions Should Not Throw Exceptions tutorial 
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Angular 2 Change Detection Explained video 
Pascal Precht What If We Had A Great Standard Library in JavaScript? opinion 
Thomas Fuchs The Elevator Pitch for React opinion
An overview of how React works, how to build UI components for it and the benefits of the virtual DOM. 
Cody Lindley How much time per year do you spend waiting for your tests to finish? tools
Instant feedback from your tests in your editor, forget about context switching. Now in Sublime Text as well. 
Wallaby.js   Sponsored10 jQuery Horizontal Scroll Demos and Plugins tools
jQuery plugins that help with horizontal scrolling situations. 
Ritesh Kumar React Native Tools for Visual Studio Code tools
A dev environment, complete with debugging, for React Native projects. 
Microsoft React Native for OS X App Development tools
Build OS X desktop apps using React Native and Cocoa. 
Dimple: A Simple Charting API for D3 Data Visualizations code
Its aim is to open up the power of D3 to analysts. 
PMSI-AlignAlytics Sketchpad: A Simple Sketchpad Library code
Features undo/redo, reanimation of drawings made. 
Expounder: Let Readers Optionally Show Text (e.g. for definitions) code
I like this idea. It’s like inline footnotes. 
Stavros Korokithakis ThinScript: A Low-Level Programming Language Inspired by TypeScript code
Compiles to WebAssembly and JavaScript. 
Evan Wallace A Reddit Client for iOS Written in React Native code 
cwait: Limit Concurrently Running ES6-Style Promises code 
BusFaster Ltd Yes, We Actually DO Like Refactoring. 
We also love building test suites, integrating systems, and upgrading frameworks.  
corgibytes   Sponsored

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