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This week's JavaScript news
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Issue 290 — June 30, 2016
An Introduction To ReduxRedux is an app state container, commonly (but not always) used alongside React. Alex Bachuk explains what it offers and how to use it in your projects.
Alex Bachuk

D3.js 4.0 Released: The Data Visualization LibraryD3 is huge in the Web data-vis world and 4.0 is a significant update. D3 is now modular, composed of small libraries you can also use independently.
anime.js: A New JavaScript Animation LibraryA well presented, flexible, and lightweight JavaScript animation library with 10 CodePen examples to show it off.
Julian Garnier

Corgis Eat Tech Debt for BreakfastNeed to crank out features faster? Corgibytes cleans up technical debt that gets in the way of rapid release cycles. One client doubled their productivity with zero new hires. Don’t let tech debt slow you down. Call the Corgis.
Build Your First Thing With WebAssemblyFeeling adventurous? Follow this walkthrough to building something very simple using WebAssembly, a new under-development bytecode for writing and running browser agnostic code for the Web.
Nick Larsen

Rapid Cross-Platform Development with the Angular 2 CLIA look at how to use the Angular 2 CLI to rapidly scaffold, develop, test and deploy an Angular 2 webapp.
Jeremy Likness

Debugging Node.js ApplicationsA brief entry-level introduction to debugging Node apps using the debug module, the built-in debugger and Chrome DevTools.
Gergely Nemeth

NativeBase: Cross-Platform React Native ComponentsA layer on top of React Native providing a basic set of components for mobile app development.


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In brief

Online Angular 2 Training: Without Charge course
Master RESTful APIs, ES6, TypeScript and more with the experts who created the official Angular 2 application developer tool: Augury. Educate yourself and your team: July 19th. 
RANGLE.IO   SponsoredAn Introduction to Developing jQuery Plugins tutorial 
Simon Codrington An Introduction to Asynchronous JavaScript tutorial 
Peter Olson How to Upgrade to The New Angular 2 Router tutorial 
Soós Gábor Timing Asynchronous Functions in ES6 tutorial 
Homam jQuery's JSONP Explained with Examples tutorial 
James Hibbard Building An Angular 2 Application for Production tutorial
Crush your code down in size significantly with minification and tree-shaking. 
Minko Gechev How to Implement A Programming Language in JavaScript tutorial
From parsing and tokenization through to generating JS. 
Mihai Bazon Doing Motion Detection with JavaScript tutorial 
Will Boyd Addy Osmani Discusses Design Patterns in JavaScript podcast 
JavaScript Jabber Build Your Own Real-Time Chat App....Fast course
Learn to build your own JavaScript chat app with real-time messages and more in no time. Register for this developer training webinar now. (Limited seating. Seats fill fast.) 
Pubnub   SponsoredAn Intro to Functional Programming in JavaScript video 
Anjana Vakil Build Your Own Curry Function in JavaScript video 
Derick Bailey Angular 2: 12 Best Practices to Level Up With opinion 
Csaba Tamas What Do You Need to Know to Ace a JavaScript Interview? opinion 
Adam S ejs: An Attempt at More Verbose JavaScript Error Messages tools 
Vaibhav Mehta fast-memoize.js: The 'Fastest Possible' JS Memoization Library code 
Caio Gondim A Brief Look at 5 React UI Libraries code 
Stefan Keil Monkberry: A Small, Fast Library for Building Web User Interfaces code 
Anton Medvedev React Modal Box: A React Component to Display Modals code 
WarriorJS: Learn ES6 While Playing A Game code
You have to instruct a warrior to battle enemies, rescue captives, etc. 
Matías Olivera Choo: A New, Functional Frontend App Framework in 7KB code 
Yoshua Wuyts

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