Top 3 Signs That Someone You Know Is Suffering from Depression

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Top 3 Signs that Someone You Know Is Suffering from Depression
Often people who struggle with severe depression may not find the willpower or desire to seek professional help on their own, and it is extremely important for people in their life to notice their pain and do something about it before it’s too late.
Do You Work with a Sociopath?
Sociopaths are often confused with narcissists and psychopaths but they are very different.
Habits Protect Students Against Decision Fatigue
Barry Schwartz explains that much of the stress, anxiety and depression in our modern world stems from “ego depletion,” also called “decision fatigue.”
The Alpha Male Trait: Myth or Reality?
When it comes to humans, scientists have their doubts that an "alpha male" trait exists in the same way as other species.
The Lifestyle that Correlates with Higher Anxiety
The increase in the sedentary lifestyle is starting to cause quite the uproar among mental health researchers.
News & Views
Placebo Can Ease Pain Even If Subject Knows It's Bogus
Researchers have found that the brain can learn to respond to a placebo treatment as a real event. After the learning has occurred, your brain can still respond to the placebo even if you no longer believe in it.
Is Unethical Behavior Influenced by Hormones?
Hormones play a two-part role in encouraging and reinforcing cheating and other unethical behavior.
Ability to Manage Emotions Falls on a Spectrum
If you are at the far end of the spectrum then you will probably have trouble managing emotions.
Biomarkers ID Risk of Postpartum Depression
A method to identify the susceptibility to postpartum depression may be on the horizon.
Mother's Baby Talk Helps Kids Understand Others' Thoughts
New findings demonstrate the critical role of conversational interaction between mothers and their children in infancy.
Sleep Makes Memories Easier to Access
After a good night’s sleep, we are more likely to recall facts that we couldn’t remember while still awake.
World of Psychology
5 Things Your Therapist Won't Tell You
The therapist-client relationship is unique. Therapists are prohibited from sharing their personal information with clients due to their ethics. But as a therapist, Kristen can’t help but share some secrets with you.
2 Steps to Rewire Unhealthy Relationship Patterns
Why can’t you escape the endless cycle of AWFUL relationships? Perhaps you’re both the problem AND the solution…
Pets as Therapy
Growing up, I’d fantasize about what it would be like to have a dog.
Why People with Depression Should Exercise More
Reframe your perspective so exercise is something that you do in order to get energy and motivation.
Teaching Your Child to Pay Attention amid Digital Distractions
As a parent, you have the power to support your child in effectively navigating technology and paying attention to what’s important.
Great Relationships Embrace "We" Time and "Me" Time
Recognize the self-defeating pattern and realize you need to balance “togetherness” with self-nurture.
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Life Consists of 3 Kinds of Moments
(Healthy Romantic Relationships) – Our lives are made up of three kinds of moments. We can’t avoid any of them, but we can learn to get the balance right so that we are living more in the present moments of possibilities and less in the passive and painful moments.
Feeling Inadequate: Are the Rich Superior?
(Anger Management) - One reason people may strive so passionately towards accumulating money is the sense of pride it offers.
Medical Marijuana: A "Don't" for Bipolar Disorder
(Bipolar Laid Bare) – Marijuana use can elevate mood in bipolar disorder in the short-term, but what is its long-term impact?
Radically New Families and How They're Becoming More Ordinary
(Single at Heart) – Nowadays all the standard criteria for what counts as family have become optional.
4 Quick Tips to Love the Skin You're In
(Women’s Wellness Corner) – If you are struggling with body image/self-esteem issues, here are a few tips to start loving the skin you’re in.
5 Texts Women Don't Want to Get from a Guy
(Tales of Manic Depression) – If you’re navigating the modern day world of texting and dating, these examples might look familiar.
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Anger, Depression, and Symptoms of Menopause
Hi, I’ve been struggling to help my mum. I’m not sure how to help her, what to say, or where she should go to find help. She is 53 years...
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