Top Ways Other People Reduce RA Pain

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What's your go-to strategy for managing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) joint pain?

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Wednesday June 12, 2019

What's your go-to strategy for managing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) joint pain? Through Tippi RA, real people with the condition — plus rheumatologists, nurses, and more — have shared their top pain relief tips. Here's some of their advice:

Use compression socks or sleeves for sore knees and elbows. When you put compression on a sore joint, it's like giving it a hug. I use the ones for legs and arms — the kind made for runners and cyclists — when I have aches and soreness. The compression really helps.

—Kat, 50, living with RA for more than 5 years

Relax in an infrared sauna! It's a relaxing habit that seems to help reduce pain, stiffness, and fatigue. I advocate the use of them once a week for 45 minutes for all of my patients with RA.

—Elroy Vojdani, MD, IFMCP

I find something in every day that makes me smile and reflect on it every night. It seems small, but on the days where the pain makes it too difficult to move, those small joys become very significant.

—Brandy, 37, living with RA for more than 5 years

Want more? Go to Tippi RA to get 100s of tips like these. You can share your go-to tips, too, and help other people who have RA.

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