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Hello you,

January is coming soon and we are launching our new 21 Mornings with Yoga program - Season 2! The first program proved very popular so we hope the announcement of Season 2 brings you a smile. 
Why morning yoga? I find practicing yoga in the morning really sets the tone for the day. Physically it sweeps away the stiffness I sometimes feel and it opens up my body. Mentally it helps to clear the clutter, meaning that I'm more able to tackle whatever my day may bring - with receptivity and equanimity.
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January Program - new year, new day, new you!

21 Mornings with Yoga - Season 2

It's back......

The second season of our morning yoga programme is starting on January 4th! 
Begin the New Year with us and feel the difference practicing yoga for 30 minutes every morning can make to the rest of your day. Although for those of us getting up on a dark, winter’s morning this can be challenging, you’ll very quickly begin to feel the benefits of practising yoga - more energy, improved flexibility, increased strength, greater ability to deal with challenges, more openness to whatever your day may bring... Wake up to yoga and feel the difference!

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Bad Yoga Habits...

From swan diving to shrugging the shoulders...
We all know the amazing benefits that yoga can offer, but it’s easy to form bad habits. We shared this post from SequenceWiz which discusses some of the most common. 
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Chair yoga

We also shared this infographic from Carl Dawson which proved extremely popular. For those with mobility issues or stuck in their office chair all day, this is definitely worth a try! 
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Playful morning yoga sequence

Get into your body and simply revel in the joy of moving with this lovely, playful yoga sequence. Make sure each pose - and equally importantly, the transition to each pose - feels delicious. Listen to your body and do what feels good!

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9 simple ways to practice gratitude

For many of us, our yoga asana, pranayama and meditation practices are top of the list most days, but gratitude is a practice we can do off the mat too. Emma shows us 9 simple and practical ways to bring it into our daily lives.

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Gaffs and giggles

We’re now almost halfway through December’s Surprise feature and we’re touched by your warm and positive response.
Our annual blooper video - featuring the lighter sides of our teachers laughing, burping, swearing and dancing got you giggling!
The impromptu class - A Balanced class of Yin and Yang - co-taught by Esther Ekhart and David Lurey prompted an overwhelming response with comments continuing to come in. 

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