Weekender: To meet state attainment goals, higher ed will have to get explicit about race

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| July​ 14,​ 2018

To meet state attainment goals, higher ed will have to get explicit about race

Gaps in degree attainment are not all accounted for by income or first-generation status, experts say.

Accreditor clears path for $1.9 billion Strayer-Capella merger

The two for-profit institutions will maintain individual accreditation and brand identities but will operate under one parent company.

Addressing the gap between enrollment and graduation

Dropouts cost higher education about $16.5 billion a year in lost tuition. Colleges are developing solutions to boost retention of all types of students.

University of Iowa axes 7 centers due to reduced state funding

A budget shortfall forces the university to close the centers, including one dedicated to workplace training, saving an estimated $3.6 million.

A college program that 'never ends'

The University of Michigan wants to make long-term connection with business school graduates, offering them 42 additional courses.

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6 higher ed leaders sound off about diversity and civility on campus

Administrators at small colleges across the country share their institutions' efforts to create more inclusive campus environments.

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