What Men Should Know About Women

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What Men Should Know About Women
There is a fine line between being sexual and being sensual when it falls under the umbrella of female sexuality. There’s another fine line between being honest and offensive.
5 Ways of Coping with Anxiety that Are Actually Making It Worse
Do you ever get angry at yourself for feeling anxious? This is just one of the ways we perpetuate our own anxiety!
Identifying and Tackling Toxic Feelings of Resentment
Resentment is one of those prolonged emotions that can easily turn into a state of being.
Love & Good Sex: Not Always Enough to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
This myth is even held by a fairly large number of marriage counselors.
Tyra Banks Discusses "Traumatic" Fertility Struggles
Many women put off having children in order to focus on securing their career, which can lead to later regrets.
News & Views
Do Hallucinations Help Us Make Sense of Ambiguity?
A new study posits that hallucinations arise due to a heightened expression of our normal tendency to interpret the world around us by making use of prior knowledge and predictions.
Seeing That Partner Is Reaching Out Is Key to Couples Success
Conflict in a relationship can cloud a person’s ability to recognize their partner’s attempts to reach out to them.
Women and Men React Differently to Infidelity
A new study shows men are more jealous of sexual infidelity, while women are more jealous of emotional infidelity.
Do "Know-It-Alls" Really Know It All?
Researchers have discovered that intellectual arrogance generally predicts academic achievement.
Smoking, Heavy Drinking Accelerate Aging Process
Cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol use cause cellular DNA changes that accelerate biological aging.
Anorexia Tied to Brain Area Linked with Habit, Addiction
When people with anorexia nervosa decide what to eat, they engage a part of the brain associated with habitual behavior and addiction.
World of Psychology
Fear of Missing Out: The New Mental Health Syndrome
In case you didn’t have enough to worry about, there’s a new mental health syndrome on the horizon. It’s FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out, and it's especially strong for those who are hooked on social media.
Telltale Signs It's Time to See a Couples Therapist
Couples wait an average of seven years from when an issue arises to when they reach out for support.
5 Ways to Reduce or Stop Racing Thoughts that Stall Sleep
At bedtime, does your mind start reviewing everything you need to remember for the next day?
ADHD & Adults: 5 More Things that Overwhelm
We’re sharing five more triggers, along with practical strategies to help you get things done.
Where Is Dignity for Rural, Low-Income Countries Like Nepal?
In some parts of the world, concepts like witchcraft and being “possessed” are very prevalent when it comes to mental illness.
Best of our Blogs
41 Ways to Use a Notebook for a
Meaningful Life

(Everyday Creativity) – There are all sorts of ways we can use our notebooks to spark ideas, get to know ourselves better and even lead a more fulfilling and engaging life. Here are 41 things you can explore in your notebook.
Angry at Your Therapist?
(Relationships in Balance) – When people are angry with their therapists, it's usually an indication that something sensitive is coming to the surface.
Understanding Defense Mechanisms
(Sorting Out Your Life) - How many times have you wanted to feel connected with others, only to find yourself becoming more and more anxious?
A Day in the Weekend of a Cocaine Addict
(Cubanity) – Alcohol, cocaine, binge eating, bulimia, a shattered windshield, blood, broken ribs… and all in just one night.
7 Small Ways to Improve Your Body Image
(Weightless) – How we feel about our bodies isn’t set in stone.
The 3 Essential Emotion Skills for Parenting
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Think of parenting as a process of teaching your children how to manage their emotions.
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Jealousy and Feeling Hurt
So I’m a college freshman, and my girlfriend is a HS senior going to one of the sister international schools of the international HS that I graduated from. I get...
Concerned for the Well-Being of a 12-Year-Old
Hi, a 12-year-old boy in my family who I’m quite fond of is showing more than normal affection towards me. More than normal because I’m not his father...
What's My Diagnosis?
I’m a 14-year-old guy, and about 3 months ago I started to get angry for no reason. Then I’d be laughing or I’d laugh for no...
Getting Back with Depressed Ex-Fiancée
My ex fiancée and I were due to be married about six months ago. It was always a bit of a struggle with my parents and family due to it...
Wanted to Become Her Boyfriend But I Found Out She Likes My Friend
I wanted to become her boyfriend, but I found out she likes my friend, then I told her we should become...
Do I Have Cyclothymia?
I’ve been doing research on mental issues, due to emotional and psychological problems I think I might have been experiencing since the beginning of summer. I took several online quizzes...
I Want to Feel Depressed, I Want to Be Mentally Ill
For over a year and a half now, I have been feeling that something is wrong with my life. I have searched for my symptoms all over the Internet, and...
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Young adults and Millennials can have an especially hard time with stress and figuring out how to deal with it. One great practice for stress reduction is mindfulness, but mastering mindfulness practices takes some work. That’s why we're pleased to introduce Mindful-Mastery with Lara Fielding, Psy.D., Ed.M. Dr. Fielding is a Harvard educated clinical psychologist who teaches, supervises, and specializes in evidence supported mindfulness-based treatments.
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