Worry No More About Muddy Paws & Scratched Seats

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Pet Friendly 2015

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Dear Pet Parents,
     I see that you’ve been enjoying your vehicle without taking me along for any car rides. My fur, paws and drool may create the occasional mess. That’s why I have picked out some pet friendly items from WeatherTech® to calm your nerves and protect your car.

For starters, the new WeatherTech® Seat Protector is perfect for me and the mini humans in the backseat! It is a much needed accessory to prevent scratches or spills that can ruin the seat surface.

I also know that my muddy paws have been a problem lately, but WeatherTech® DigitalFit® FloorLiner™ and Cargo Liner will solve that problem! The custom engineered channels will trap any water, mud, or debris and keep it off your carpet.

Then, when I get a little too excited, the Pet Barrier is adjustable, expandable, and easy to install to keep me safely in the rear of the vehicle.

Finally, the WeatherTech® PetStep®. You won’t have to strain your back lifting me in or out of the car anymore. It’s a simple folding ramp that is portable and stable.

What our Customers Say...

WeatherTech® Cargo Liner
WeatherTech® IndoorMat™

@WeatherTech my name is Pixie and my dad has your #floorliners we love em! Love the fact they are #americanmade
-Pixie The Dog

We are really pleased with our WeatherTech Indoor Mat. It does a great job trapping the sloppiest of debris that we,
including our pup, bring into the house - it's super easy to clean too.
-Brian R.


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