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Responsive Form Designer is now out of beta!

Forms are essential for connecting and interacting with site visitors. But they really don't want to fill them out. With Form Designer, it doesn’t have to be that way! Start creating dazzling forms that attract users instead of repelling them. 

Check out the latest video tutorial and write-ups below. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, you can still get the special release discount plus two themes.

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Watch a video demonstration building a design from scratch.

In this latest video tutorial, Suzanne shows you how to transform boring checkboxes into a fun experience that is simply irresistible for the user to pass up.

With visual CSS controls, it's no sweat to craft a design like this in minutes!

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Connect scripts from services such as MailChimp and Google.

Mailchimp, JotForms, and Google forms aren't terrible, but with only limited design controls, they don't serve your site well. Form Designer makes the perfect companion to these providers as it breathes new life into their ugly designs.


In Bob's latest write-up, he explains how you can cook up form designs that are customizable while benefitting from the extra services Mailchimp and others offer.

  Read how to create
stylish Mailchimp forms

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Sync with a Web Form Builder project.

Web Form Builder is a brilliant app for processing online form data. Easily hook in a Form Builder script from an existing project to piggy-back on its power.

The release version also includes a new Export feature. The embed code is generated to make it simple for inserting into a website. In the tutorial, we'll also show you how to put the exported form into a Site Designer project.

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Radical free themes!

Get two complementary themes when you order a copy of Form Designer today. These are a great way to learn how the app works. Pro Tip: you can save your favorite features to your Components Library to use them in other projects.

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Happy form designing!

- The CoffeeCup Team


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