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Make Product Data More Accessible for Downstream Teams: Elite Aerospace Group’s Success with ThingWorx Navigate
Wednesday, August 14th
Elite Aerospace Group needed a way to get valuable product data into the hands of downstream stakeholders.
However, they found that their product lifecycle management (PLM was too complex for teams outside of engineering – not to mention the cost of training, supporting, and providing additional PLM licenses.
In this 60-minute panel discussion experts will share how the manufacturer implemented ThingWorx Navigate, a set of role and task-based applications, to make product data more accessible to stakeholders throughout the enterprise.
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Digital Transformation is Bringing Disruptive Changes to Manufacturing Industry in the Twenty-First Century
Tuesday, August 20th
For the last century manufacturers were competing on price and delivery speed to the market. This competition became difficult as time went by and new products became increasingly more complex.
The new era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings enormous possibilities to manufacturers in the increase of revenue and capturing new frontiers that were unattainable before.
Manufacturers are now experiencing an undeniable shift from producing just products to “product-as-a-service” models that are capturing new demographics and geographies.
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Data Visualization: How You Can Take Analytics to the Next Level
Thursday, August 21st
All manufacturers collect and analyze data to drive and support business decisions, but how do you know that you’re getting the most out of your data?
The next level in analytics is data visualization, which presents the analytics visually so managers and your teams can review and capitalize on historical trends and trajectories and maximize your output.
This webinar will teach you key strategies, for effective data visualization and show you how you can develop and leverage analytics at the right level, with the level of detail necessary to identify and create action plan to take your business to the next level.
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    Achieve Maximum-Level Data Protection in the Cloud: Why Cloud Certifications Matter
Tuesday, September 10th
More and more companies are moving their enterprise systems to the cloud to reap the benefits of client agility, improved collaboration, and simplified processes for software updates.
However, the trend towards cloud has happened alongside increasing security threats.
Organizations that are considering whether cloud is right for them are left to wonder how do cloud vendors develop a strong and robust security program in an ever-changing threat landscape, how do they stay on top of internal and external threats, product and application risks, business risks, and regulatory and industry compliance requirements, and more!
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